our afternoon at the park.

Trying to catch up and work ahead and finish laundry and start packing and run errands and entertain the kids while Chris is at soccer all week has made for a little less blogging this week and a lot less sleep! But the end is near… we leave Sunday morning!

And FYI (I will mention it again!)… there is NO internet where we are staying! I will TRY to get to a cafe of some kind to check emails at least but blogging might take a break for the week!

Today we had an hour before Chris had to be back at soccer so we walked across the street to the park…




Can you see them? SO tiny in this BIG world! :)




20090729-IMG_9889b20090729-IMG_9893b  20090729-IMG_9895b


My focus was totally off in this last one, the fence is all that's in focus but WHATEVER right? My girls and my guys all in one photo… that's all that matters!

Working on some fun blog posts over at Fresh Art so check over there in the next few days!

Florida is BOOKED and Chicago is CLOSE so please email me ASAP if you're interested in Labor Day Weekend!

Now on to the other blog… as if I need MORE excuses to blog! HA!

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