the random bits on a thursday morning.

Bailey, lately, has been making up her own words.

"Quesh" means "to win"

"Shane" means "to lose"

"Dorm" means "sweet"

And what's funny to me is that when she says something we don't understand we just assume she's pronouncing something wrong, but then she'll say something like, "No, DORM means sweet. You know, like candy? It's NOT candy, but it's LIKE candy…" So she really does know what she's talking about! And she doesn't forget b/c she'll use the words in sentences every day. In fact, all of us use QUESH and SHANE like they are actual words.

Any ideas? Is this normal? Should we discourage it instead of, I guess, encourage it like we are by learning her words and using them?


While in Florida we are meeting up with on of my FAVORITE photographers, Lyndsay Stradtner! Of Life in Motion Photography. She's awesome and I've followed her blog for a long time now. We email every once in a while and when she realized we'd be near each other (2+ hours away!) we decided to meet in the middle and exchange photo shoots!

So my family will have BEACH photos!!!

I am literally beyond excited!

We're going to all meet up for dinner and then hit the beach for mini sessions. I can't wait to meet her, chat with her, get to know her IN PERSON and just hang out together! AND of course have my family seen through her eyes! OMG I'm excited.



I don't know how all of you clients out there do it! I have two days to find some killer outfits that are US but don't have stains all over them! And I am ALL about wearing what you wear every day… if someone was coming to my house to photograph us… but not at the BEACH. I want cool outfits. I want funky outfits. I want affordable outfits!


I'm hitting Old Navy today with the kids in tow to see what I can find there (we have gift cards so it will help if I can find something there) and then if it comes to a trip to the mall it comes to that but JUST SHOOT ME. Ugh!

I wish I had weeks to plan this b/c there are some artists on ETSY who I'd love to get dresses for the girls from!



We're having an end of the month contest over at Fresh Art and I think I'm going to do it here too! Just because Kim's idea is killer and I want to offer it HERE as well!

SO… if I had a session with you in the month of JULY I'm going to pick MY favorite image from your session and post it tomorrow!

Then YOU have to get your family and friends to come over here and VOTE! They only get TWENTY FOUR hours as the contest will close Sat morning August 1st!

So get ready… if you are a JULY client start teaching your family and friends HOW TO COMMENT b/c that's how they will vote!

I'll announce the killer KILLER gift the winner gets tomorrow!!! It's huge people! HUGE!

VALUED AT $150!!!

My friend Tami did this recently and it was so fun to see her client's family's go all out on the voting!


Ok. There's more to chat about but this day has got to get a move on! So far I've showered, used my NEW hair product thanks to my friend Tara, got all the kids dressed… not fast enough though b/c Grayson pooped on the floor, stepped in it and walked across the room before I noticed his poop-steps. So HE has had a bath already today too! Now we're all in the playroom where they are playing and I'm working away.

I am officially behind in a few sessions… if YOU are a family I'm behind in I AM SO SORRY. Have I mentioned that I've had 25+ sessions this month? It's insane. And it's finally caught up with me. I'm working my ASS off to get done before we leave for Florida Sunday! Thanks so so much for your patience!

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