families that change your life.

At the end of the road there are going to be pieces of your life you’ll be able to look back on and know that they shaped who you were. Who you REALLY were. And I really believe that more than events, it’s the people we meet that become those pieces. The pieces of the puzzle that make up, well, US.

There is a family I had in my life during a really difficult time. They accepted me for who I was, loved me and welcomed me into their lives with open arms. And the entire time neither they nor I realized just how hard of a time I was going through, because at least for me, in my life, I never figure out how big the bump in the road is until I’m well past it and driving smoothly. But knowing them changed me.

And because of them I got to meet a few other people that in my heart equal that time in my life too. People that although I didn’t know quite as well as that family, are still incredibly special and make up a big part of my story.

And tonight I got to photograph that family. The family that makes up a smaller piece but still a pretty major piece of my life. And it’s nothing I can even concretely put into words, but every time I see them it makes me happy. Like an “I’m home” kind of happy. And it’s like they are locked into some kind of secret time box b/c I’m always surprised when their kids are older and bigger and in high school. I actually tried to tell Katie this tonight at our session and I’m sure I made no sense, it’s just that b/c they are freeze framed in my life story I expect them to not change. Does that make sense?

Anyway. It was incredible to see them, to be in their GORGEOUS home and see how big and amazing their three boys are.






I am in love with this photo. I would die to look that cute just sitting with Chris! Katie, you are GORGEOUS! Scott, you’re pretty cute too! HA!


This is hands down my favorite series of photos ever…







Scott was pushing Katie, I was snapping away when he just jumped up there with her! It was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen and although these aren’t technically the best photos ever (as I was scrambling just to capture the moment!) I still love them!

Thanks Kemper family… you guys mean more to me then you know and I am so honored to have been able to capture your family tonight!

August favorites contest coming tomorrow!!!

8 thoughts on “families that change your life.

  1. My vote is for #7….what a beautiful family both in pictures and in your hearts! luv, kimbo

  2. #5. What a beautiful image of little Zoey and her all-time favorite friend. She is a winner all the way!

  3. #7 The last photo in the swing series is my favorite. Scott is looking quite micheivous.

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