halloween minis and a few other tid bits.

First, October is almost fully booked! Last week I was worried about filling slots and this week I was inundated with inquiries. Not all of them are official so please contact me soon for fall bookings!

Second, I will shoot in November but I can not guarantee Christmas delivery  for any sessions after Nov 1st. Just FYI!

Third, I’m SO excited to announce our Halloween Mini Sessions!

Kim Weiss and I are working together again for these sweet little minis! Last year was so great, seeing so many kids in their costumes! A great tradition to start while they’re young!

FA halloween ad blog

Who wouldn’t want their child captured in their Halloween costume? SO FUN!

Email me at jodie@jodified.com with interest and I’ll send you the rest of the details!


Tonight while I had the three kids in the tub I actually said, and I quote (myself)…

“No Bailey, Robin Hood is a good guy and doesn’t shoot baby Jesus.”


There should be a book of just all the random things you say as a parent!

In this case, we were talking about Fischer Price Little People!


Parker and Grayson were both up most of last night. Grayson had a fever all day today too. It was a long day.

However I still somehow managed to be super crafty mommy today!

The girls and I splatter painted like Jackson Pollack, we traced their bodies on paper so they could decorate “them people” which are hanging above their beds currently and we made green slime out of cornstarch, water and food coloring.

We also took a trip to the doctor, had a quick playdate, jumped on the trampoline and got some chores done.

No work happened exactly but I had a great mommy day and that’s what my kids and I all needed. Especially while two of the three felt like crap!


I have a Christmas toy swap idea floating around in my head I can’t wait to share with all of you…


My kids were jumping in the living room two days ago and my camera somehow bounced off the shelf it was sitting on causing my GO TO 50mm 1.4 lens to break. Awesome.

HATE that I had to spend money on a lens I already HAD instead of putting that money towards a dream lens.

But it’s my fault for being careless with my camera I guess. I GUESS. Ugh.


Kim and I are in the planning stages of the FIRST EVER newborn workshop geared towards experienced photographers! It’s in the EARLY stages but it’s SO fun! It will be out west somewhere most likely…

MAN I am such a tease!


I’m wiped and am headed to bed before midnight tonight!

THAT my friends is a miracle. Good night!

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