Jodified August Favorites

***EDITED TO ADD*** Please make sure your comment is on THIS post! There have been lots coming in on random posts and those DON’T COUNT! Feel free to vote again on THIS post if your comment was on a different post!

Last month it was so fun to see Jamie and Elizabeth battle it out! I know they were both STALKING the comments and then Jamie ended up blogging the winner for me since we were on our way to Florida! Thanks again Jamie!

So let’s do it again people! Popular vote wins so feel free to enlist your family and friends to help you win this one!

The prize?

THREE 3×3 canvas covered accordion books!

These little books make AWESOME gifts and will be offered exclusively to our Mini Session clients this year! They include 10 of your favorite images from your session!

RULES: You can vote ONLY ONCE and it has to be on THIS post! The photo with the most votes wins! Comments will close tomorrow night at midnight and the winner will be announced Tues Sept 1st!


#1: p kids


#2: jessie and BRIAN! HA!


#3: b family


#4: s family


#5: zoey


#6: k love light


#7: k family


Good luck everyone!


ALSO… we’re having our August contest over at Fresh Art too so head over there and vote next!

173 thoughts on “Jodified August Favorites

  1. Definitely #1. Perfect beach shot! I would get a HUGE print of that if they were my kiddies. Adorable.

  2. I loved the shot of Zoey. Too cute! (Whoops – accidentally voted on the wrong post earlier. But it’s still before midnight Pacific Time!)

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