That’s all I keep saying.


Over and over again.

And I can’t tear my eyes away from my computer.

Why you ask?

Because Lyndsay Stradtner just sent me our photos!!!

If I could ever make just one of my clients feel the way I do right now I’d be a happy lady.

Lyndsay seriously captured my kids and my family in the most beautiful way I could have ever imagined. I’m literally speechless I love them so much!


My favorite family image of us EVER!



Ummm. Seriously. Could this not win awards??? And let’s just say I have the canvas ORDERED already! AWESOME!



Love is not strong enough a word for how I feel about this photo.


OR this one!


Bailey, who jumped right in the ocean and was soaking wet while Lyndsay was photographing C and I… this will forever make me smile!




AGAIN. How big should this canvas be???


Oh my Bubba.



This was good for me in so many ways. First, I was desperate for some amazing photos of my family and these are more than I could ask for. Second, the preparation for the shoot, the clothing choices, the session, the 2 hour drive to and from the session, the coordinating, the waiting, the anticipation, the EXCITEMENT and the decisions on what to print, where to hang and HOW BIG HOW MANY HOW MUCH are all things my clients go through. I’ve never really been through it until now. Stalking her blog for our sneak peek even! It was so good to be on the other side of things for a change! It truly taught me a lot!

And I just pray that my images make my clients as happy as these make me!

Thanks Lyndsay!

Please leave her some LOVE via the comments! Tell her how beautiful we are! HA!

UPDATED: she blogged us HERE! GO see some others I didn’t post! :)

18 thoughts on “OMG.

  1. Jodie, the first picture of YOU is beautiful – really.
    Secondly – make mental notes for my second photo shoot with you – I loved some of her ideas……let’s steal them for next summer!
    And, yes, you made me feel the same way.

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  3. these are AWESOME! You have a beautiful family and I love these pictures. Lyndsay is incredible… I don’t believe she was sick!

    (p.s. – love your blog and I must start following you now!)

  4. Wow!!!! These are so amazing and sooooo beautiful!!! How do you even begin to choose??? I’d be wanting them all!!!! And yes, you make your clients feel the exact same way!!!

  5. it’s official, in full blown fetal position with a bad case of envy! jodie, your family is gorgeous and i love how their personalities are captured. you are blessed with amazing spirits and talented friends…stand tall.

    and canvas…oh let me count the big ways…i see it now! also…a measely 20×24 would be doing a HUGE diservice to all the images…go big girl.

  6. is it weird that I’m like speechless? I am just now seeing this and my heart stopped. OK I love them all but my fav is prob the first. OR the one w/ you and C walking. I mean – FANTASTIC. I would be just as hysterical over these. beautiful!…

  7. So absolutely wonderful Jodie! Such a treat to see you all as vibrant and happy as the way you capture all your clients. Just beautful!

  8. Simply amazing. I’m thinking you do canvas every wall in your home with these incredible images. Lyndsay, you have such a great talent and HOW exactly did you capture these while feeling sick/sick/sick?! Jod, uh, your family is gorgeous…and for all the days you feel like ‘ugh’ I’m not this or that or I feel this or that…look at this pics and see how the rest of the world sees you — happy, alive, in love, at peace…blessed!

  9. OH.MY.GOD…those are gorgeous. simply gorgeous. I dont think I would have a inch of wall space or counter/table space with those…every inch would be decorated with these images! Your babies make me want to laugh with them, the ocean makes me want to run into it and you two holding hands makes me want to hug you both…

  10. The photos are amazing!! Your kiddos are so adorable! Now I want to go to the beach and have my photos taken! :-)

  11. OMG! I somehow missed this post even though I had been waiting on it. :0) AMAZING! I have a huge photography fetish and your family is stunning! The reason I’m scared of having pictures taken once I start my own family, would be the dilemma of which pictures I NEEDED. I think I will have to have a job just to fund this future habit. HAHA. Maybe I can just start saving now. ;0)

  12. those are so great. i love the color. the number shirts on your kids are super cute!….Alison? oh and on a side note. i was with melissa tonight talking about old times and she was laughing about how she had to go to prom with chris allen with braces on and she was so upset. really funny and i thought of where chris is now… has life changed or what!

  13. GREAT beach pictures!! Love all of them – - you’d better be going BIG on those canvases!!
    There’s no place like the beach!
    Your kids couldn’t be any cuter – and you and Chris look wonderful too!

  14. Love them! I love that almost last one of Grayson with his big toothy grin. So happy!
    And I love that you stalked her blog. Now you know what I did for three days after our shoot! I was a nutcase. :)
    Your family is gorgeous. And your kids look so much like you! Beautiful!!!

  15. Such wonderful photos. Your family is so beautiful! I think I would be taking a second mortgage out on the house to purchase all of these if it were me!

  16. Hi Jodi! I love your blog, and read every post, and I just can’t resist commenting on this one. – WOW! They are so wonderful! You guys have such a cute family! I love your new wall display too! Makes me want pics on the beach of my fam now! I ESPECIALLY LOVE the ones of you and your hubs alone. We get to see so many cute pics of your cute kiddies, but rarely the 2 of you alone. What a wonderful thing to have! LOVE THEM! She did AMAZING! :)

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