the trade.

I am all about trading work. I know that’s not good business but it’s good business for me and that’s all I care about!

Last year I traded three photo sessions in exchange for three hand crafted Christmas gifts for my kids. I have one client with kids all just a bit older than mine and we trade photos for her awesome hand-me-downs. Oh yes I do! Photos for hand-me-downs! It’s awesome! I trade for lots of things if the trade works out for both of us.

Of course, I like to work for money too though! HA!

Anyway, last year a client of mine posted images of these amazing paper dolls she had made on her blog and I fell in love with them! So she made me two adorable sets for the girl’s Easter baskets and I offered to do a quick mini session of her kids, that we rescheduled a million times until we finally got together!

And although I saw them last winter, they were both so BIG! I love watching my client’s children GROW each year!





Thanks Amy!

6 thoughts on “the trade.

  1. Which reminds me… Do you have a less busy season. I hate taking money away from you! Maureen!

  2. I would like to trade! I love your pictures and we love getting professional photos of our two girls! I am in the tennis/racquetball business…not sure if that interests you, but if so, let me know!

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