your life. the movie.

I know I’ve been teasing you with the new project Kim and I have been working on and TODAY IS THE DAY to announce it!

OMG you guys, I am SO excited to show you this!

It’s going to be the PERFECT fall session b/c it will make an INCREDIBLE Christmas gift… for your husband, the grandparents, or just to put away and give your kids someday! Seriously, I am dying over this!

And to give credit where credit is ABSOLUTELY due… we got the idea from Tara Whitney, one of my favorite photographers from out of California. She started doing these earlier this year and I know it’s inspired a lot of photographers in other markets to start offering them! Thanks for being awesome Tara!

AND this would not have come together without Kim and Jeff Koziatek (videographer) collaborating with me. The three of us make a great team and we can’t wait to show you some of our other videos in progress!

Your Life. The Movie.

Your life is a series of moments. Small moments. Fleeting moments. Beautiful moments. Real moments. Moments that all add up to equal the whole of your life. Your life that is worth capturing. Photography does just that. It captures those tiny moments. Frame by frame. Imagine being able to capture all the moments, even between the frames. Your complete interactions. Not just still images, but moving images too! With our home movie experience we are able to give you both. Two photographers and one videographer will be there to capture your family as they are, today. And with our digital package you will receive a DVD of your movie and a CD of all images! Let us capture your life.

Your Life. The Movie.


the canatsey family from Fresh Art Photography on Vimeo.

Email me for dates available and all the incredible details of this AWESOME session!

22 thoughts on “your life. the movie.

  1. Good gravy! I just saw the video over at Fresh Art and didn’t know who the videographer was until I saw the Day 3 Productions tag at the end. And my heart exploded in my chest. So I came over here to comment and it was confirmed that Jeff did the videography. SWEET!!!! I am so excited about this little partnership. Two of my favorite people (’cause I haven’t met Kim yet, but I’m sure I’d like her) working together. Awesome!
    And I LOVE the video and the stills mixed together. Even more amazing is that Jeff didn’t get any photogs in the video… at least not that I could see. What a great team!

  2. JODIE. I’m just now seeing this! I think this idea is brilliant! I would LOVE to incorpoorate thisinto my packages!!! IF YOU DONT MIND OF COURSE. NO OFFENSE taken if so. You are awesome and so is tara!

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