a sneak peek for the McCullough family.

And possibly my last sneak peek on this blog. But more on that later.

Julie is a photographer down in Alabama and contacted me about photographing her family on their way home from a family vacation up in Wisconsin. Whew. It was a lot to plan out for them but they took a slight detour and made it to St. Louis Sat night in time for our Sunday morning session… before driving the 7 hours home later that day!

They like to include historical elements and parts of Americana into their trips so they wanted to meet at The Arch. Which is great, except it is a PARK and I hate PARKS. But I think making a slight concession for a family willing to travel to see me is the LEAST I could do! And we made it work! And it worked great! And by WE, I mean Kim Weiss and I. Because she came along. And thank goodness b/c shooting a family with two photographers offers you SO much more flexibility and SO many more ways to be creative than when it’s just YOU! Thanks Kim!


Flexibility like this. What you don’t see in this WAY pulled back photo is that Kim was right next to them. Getting great shots of them interacting as a family. A bit of clone stamping and you just get the family in a new city. I love this b/c some day they can show their kids that they were in St. Louis…which close ups wouldn’t provide on their own. But this is the perfect example of why having two photogs help so much… b/c since Kim was over there I could get this shot without running from one side of the lake to the other! Normally I might have had this shot in my head but given up the idea b/c of time or something.



I know that b/c Julie is always BEHIND the camera she’ll be excited to know that we got a TON of great family shots with HER in them! I love this one!


And SO random that we found this heart carved in a tree! But it was too perfect not to use! Love it!

Thanks so much Julie and family for coming to St. Louis to hang with Kim and I for a little while! I hope you got a chance to go up in the Arch! More sneak peeks on the Fresh Art side of things coming soon… Kim has a really sick kid so her edits will take a bit longer.

AND lots of fun announcements coming this week! Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “a sneak peek for the McCullough family.

  1. I LOVE that first shot! What an amazing photo. And a benefit of having two photographers shooting that I never would have thought of. Very creative work you two!

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