can i get an amen?

Or maybe this post will end in stunned silence.


I just had to say, after two posts documenting the trials and joys of my life (and so many lives like mine) I also have to throw this tid-bit in and THEN I WILL BE DONE. I swear.

But here’s the thing.

Are you ready?


I love my kids. Love them. Madly.



If all I did all day was MOTHER these three kids all day I would go insane and blow my head off.


If I had nothing but caring for them, teaching them, feeding them, cleaning up after them, wiping them, dressing them, and well you know, MOTHERING them I would start to hate my life.

I know I would.


I NEED something else but my home life. Which is funny because for my ENTIRE life all I wanted to be was a mother. And really I was fine up until I had Parker. And then the whole two under two thing was just too much for me. I lost myself. And started looking desperately around trying to find myself.

Not knowing WHERE I was or how to find me I started blogging, started my business and the rest is history.

I am a better person because of this job and the time I spend away from my kids shooting and collaborating and editing and even filing. Being CREATIVE. Being ME. JUST ME.

Does it make my life crazy to have three kids ages four and under PLUS a more-than-full-time job? HELL YES!

But could I give it up?

Absolutely not. Because I know a HUGE piece of myself would be lost too.

A lot of women love being home with their kids and that’s great. For them. It is not for me. At least not ALL of the time. Because I am home with them a lot. And we build towers and do art projects and bake cookies play games.

But the times I get to leave rejuvenate me.

And THAT means I think I have the best of both worlds!

Stunned silence or AMEN SISTER?

29 thoughts on “can i get an amen?

  1. Another AMEN from me!

    I agree its way too important for us, as mothers, to be happy! And people too often forget that mothering is a huge, selfless, lose yourself, 25 hours a day, crazy, no rest kind of job! You have to MAKE TIME to find some peace and be yourself. My grandma once told me that no one in our family knew “the real Carole” and that she had spent so many years as a wife/mother/grandmother, the only one who even knew “her” was her college roommate. Scary concept – but I can see why its true. I hope someday soon I find my thing like you found yours.

  2. I understand. My husband works out of town, my six children and I are together just about every minute of every day. And that gets old. I often know that what I need is the chance to miss my kids, absence making the heart fonder and all that good stuff, but, seldom does it happen. You get an AMEN from me.

  3. YOU have an AMEN from me! and can i just add what a good example your setting for your kids…it is imperative to show that we have to take care of ourselves first and foremost before we can take care of others.

    KUDOS for recognizing this…and doesn’t it ROCK that we can stay home with our babies…and not be tied down to the 9-5er…and help stay afloat in these rocky economic time.

    jod…you are getting more than an AMEN…you’re getting a triple arm pump! and a woot woot!

  4. Amen!
    One of the biggest fears I have as a mommy is losing myself and being consumed by the kids. I saw it happen to my mom, and don’t want it to happen to me. So I fight it every chance I get. That’s one reason I will NEVER give up my once-a-week parents’ day out days, and I also get a chance to go out one night a week (even if it’s just to Wal-Mart). I realize that I HAVE to be a priority if I’m going to make them a priority!

  5. Amen from me, too. It is so nice to hear this from other mommies. I feel so guilty sometimes if I just want to get away. But then it always feels so good to come home to the smiling faces and open arms!

  6. Oh you know it girl….that’s a big AMEN! I can so relate. I am a single homeschooling mom, a photographer and business owner and caretaker of elderly parents. If I didn’t have my own identity I would go bonkers I’m sure. Having creativy is how I was designed; it is a gift that is meant to be used.

  7. As a Mom to 2 under 2 myself right now I have 2 words for you WELL SAID! You go girl! Jodie you are so inspiring! Thanks :)

  8. BIG FAT AMEN!! I only have one so far & already I know that I’m a better mom because I work. I have some time away to appreciate her & to use my brain & talents. I do wish I used my creative side a little more, but have already started to since I’m NOT working full time anymore! Part time is perfect for me. I think you just have to do what works best for you. Some of my good friends stay home, but I’m glad I do both! BTW, we should totally hang out sometime. It’s been too long! Check out McKinely’s blog–she’s 4 months old already, time flies! (Hope you’re still checking this!)

  9. this is awesome! I love reading your blog! I am a full time nanny- and some days I go home with sand in my pants, noodles in my hair, and milk from head to toe!

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