our day. in a million and one photos.

Today was a Mommy day.

We call it that because Bailey is very concerned with routine and every night she asks “what tomorrow is?”

And she remembers.

She does well with change, but she also really likes to just KNOW what’s going on.

So today was a Mommy day as opposed to a school day or a Grandma day or a GoGo day.

The day started off rough, at 8am, when I had to call AAA to come unlock my car that C locked with my keys inside… but once we got past that it was pretty smooth sailing.

We hit the grocery store, headed home, put groceries away, changed laundry, put laundry away, played “doctor” which was great b/c it meant I got to lay down and have “surgery” for about 30 minutes (which helped my massive headache a bit) and then it was lunch and naps.


Of course the girls decided not to nap today and everyone was up by 2pm.

Which meant I had 3 hours to kill until dinner.

So we played blocks.









We built a fort.


The girls and I laughed as Grayson tried desperately to get up on a stool (it’s the little things!).






And we watched him get really frustrated!


And almost fall.



And eventually give up. It was SO funny!

Then we hit the trampoline.








I caught Parker in one of her alone moments, which are rare, but I’m so glad I caught it b/c she is becoming more kid than toddler. And she loves to draw. Which of course I adore about her!


And then right before dinner I copied an idea my mom had and gave the girls a scavenger hunt. First I colored pictures of what I wanted them to find, cut them out and gave them the pile and a basket.


Bailey took charge and led Parker going outside and inside and back out to find everything! They had a blast and I got dinner ready while they were busy!


They found everything!

It was a great afternoon. A few emails tossed in, a drop-in by GoGo and Daddy getting home early made this day officially PERFECT!

Happy Friday!

email issues.

Just got off the phone with a sweet friend that had placed an order weeks ago. An order that I never got.

I love gmail but have no idea what is going on.

If you have emailed me and gotten NO response please email me again or call me at 314-541-9944.

I will admit that sometimes I do lose track of things or life gets in the way and I take a few days but I always try to get back to every email as fast as possible!


Christmas cards being announced tonight/tomorrow!

i have a friend named Julie.

Who reads my blog every day. At least i think she does.

We met under terrible circumstances but her friendship (and her family as a whole) has blessed my life more than I can even begin to describe (and if I ever do tell you about this incredible family it will be an entire blog post all its own!).

She has blessed me in huge ways and small ways.

And always at the exact right time.

Like tonight.

When she dropped off dinner right at 5pm. Fully cooked. All the sides. Warm and ready to serve. No heating or stirring or anything. Ready.


Because she had read that Parker was sick. And I don’t even think she knew that I was coming down with it, which I am since I feel like a hippo is sitting on my face today. And really, a sick kid sucks but everyone has sick kids. It’s not the end of the world. And yet she took time to make us dinner and make my day just that much easier.

And the kids loved it!






See the finger licking? HA!


I mean. You can’t get much better praise than that can you?

Thanks Julie!

around the house snap shots.

When I get really busy with my business I stop taking as many photos of my own kids, because in my mind it just means I have more editing to do. Which is of course SAD b/c they are MY kids and I take photos of other people’s kids all the time!

So this year, as I get busier I am trying to make an effort to just leave my camera out so I think to grab it more often!

Get ready for some random snapshots from last week!

And let me just say, that when a photographer says “snapshots”, what she really means is that she didn’t “try” to take a good photo, she just picked up her camera, attempted to get the right settings and snapped away! Just a disclaimer since this is by far not my best work! HA!


What a great photo to start with! BAD lighting, PUSHED ISO and CRYING! Love it!


I love how totally zoned out she is here!




This was a fun art project (that kept them busy all morning!)… I traced their bodies, taped it to poster board and let them decorate themselves! They had a blast and these are now hanging above their beds!


This was also fun! We have an art book and read about Jackson Pollack so we decided to give his style of painting a try. It was MESSY but the paint didn’t stain! I mixed equal parts water, cornstarch and washable tempera paint. It dries and kind of looks like chalk paint… I saw the paint idea on a blog and they painted their driveway. I can’t remember which blog or I would link them!


I really do love a good mess when it results in the kids playing with art! Learning to love the PROCESS and not the final outcome is SO important I think!

TODAY: We have a busy morning with Bailey’s preschool orientation and the first day of my Bible study (that has free childcare!) but with Parker so sick it’s all on hold. My mom kept Bails and Gray last night just in case we ended up in emergency mode with Parker, which we didn’t thank goodness, so I might trade kids with her and just take B&G out and about. Or we might skip it all and be home with Parker. I just can’t make up my mind. After a neb treatment at 2am and another one at 6am and a little person that coughed in my ear most of the night I do know a Mnt Dew is in my future. Staying in my jammies all day is totally appealing, but probably not in the cards. ANYWAY.

Enjoy your day and drink an extra cup of coffee for me!

when your day goes south.

Parker went to bed with a cough. She also woke up with a cough around 3am. Which caused her to toss and turn in our bed until 5:45am when she finally got up. I had a session early and had planned to take all three kids to the sitters, but knew she was too sick to go so after dropping the big and the little one off I was going to drop her at my mom’s. Until she puked all over the car between the sitter and my mom’s.

SO we came home and she laid in our bed while I got some work done. We headed to the doctor at 10:30am b/c her cough was still bad and she was wheezing. I figured it was a cold.

Three hours later we are finally home from the doctor!

Apparently her wheezing was way worse than I imagined b/c her O2 levels were really low (90 when it should be 98-100) and her heart was racing. It sounded like a fetus it was beating so fast. Two nebulizer treatments, oral steroids and three prescriptions later we got to come home. Where she stepped out of the car and proceeded to throw up all over the place again.

She’s on the couch now, naked (in case of more puke) and thirsty. Her breathing is better but her stomach is still pulling in a lot with every breath. I’m on breathing watch b/c if it gets any worse we’re supposed to go straight to the hospital.


It’s funny when you wake up, even after a bad night, assuming your day will go one way…. kids gone, photo shoot, work, laundry, pick kids up, make dinner, etc…. and it ends up being completely different. And not in a good way. Poor kid.

We’re both on our third outfits after her puke fest and the laundry is running. And I’m praying the hospital isn’t in our future.

Not sure why I had to write all that out, but I did. There’s just no where else I was going I guess. Just had to get this day on blog-record.

Oh, and here’s an iPhone photo from the doctor today:


Sweet girl.

jumpin’ around the blogosphere tonight.

I’m working my tail off tonight and then at times, you know, hardly working at all.

But in my total non-working times I have found some gems I just have to share with you…

1. My OLD-friend Donna (kidding! she just called me her YOUNG-friend! HA!) just started a blog recently and it is nearly one of the best I’ve ever read. THAT IS SAYING A LOT! And if you are a woman, um, let’s say, 35 or older, you are going to LOVE her. She is HILARIOUS and REAL and well, I love her. So. Check out THIS post and THIS one (which had me laughing out loud and actually reading it out loud to my clients in Chicago via my iPhone while we waited for a table at dinner!). And all the other ones are great too… and leave her some comment love.. she’s new to blogging and needs some comments!

2. Love THIS site!

3. I want to make THIS for my new niece! I won’t. But I want to.

4. We’ve tried THIS many times and it is by far one of my girl’s favorite meals!

5. I want to try THIS activity this fall with the girls… integrating a nature walk or something!

6. I want to buy THIS book since Chris is a little lacking in the hair dept. I think it looks awesome!

7. I really REALLY want THIS necklace.

8. I adore THESE.

9. If I had more hours in my day I would pursue THIS idea for preschool portraits this year! LOVE it!

10. If I was wealthy I would buy one of everything from THIS site! And MAN would I be organized!

for the first time ever i forgot a sneak peek!

In the chaos that was last week preparing for Chicago I somehow forgot to post a sneak peek for Megan!


Megan was such a trooper with me during her senior session… I took her to a TIRE yard, a PORTA POTTY storage yard (can you imagine the smell? YEAH.) and other equally as dirty and out of the way and almost scary places! And she was up for all of it! And her sister, Nancy (an old friend and the nurse that delivered Grayson!) drove us wherever I wanted to go!

I must say, having a chauffeur is REALLY nice! HA!

Here’s your sneak peek Megan! Enjoy!






wanna trade?

Anybody want to trade one session (valued at $315 for a weekend session) PLUS a $100 print credit for BUNK BEDS?

We are in desperate need of bunk beds… please spread the word!!!

*** trade will only happen once we see the beds and deem them in good condition!