while i take a while to figure some things out…

cruise around at these…

1. I am in love with the creativity that went into THIS website! Love it.

2. And he’s dating HER who’s blog is one of my favs! Her photographic creativity is out of this world! Adore her!

3. I love vinyl decals for walls. I don’t have any, but if I ever buy some I will start with THESE.

4. I am obsessed with invites. And if I ever don’t want to design my own I might start HERE!

5. When we have more money my kids will have the cutest shoes! Like THESE!

6. I think THIS would make a great birthday gift!

7. I started a Bible study this week and the kids each have a Bible school class during the same time. In just two weeks Bailey has been talking more about God and Jesus than she ever has. We read our Bible (a children’s one of course) more than we used to and she loves talking about Gensis 1:1 which is what they learned about this week. And I will be buying THIS book asap b/c I think they’ll love it!

8. I love THIS idea and might do it for Christmas this year!

Ok! Enjoy!

And I promise I will be back asap to tell you what has been happening this week! Big changes and lots of big sessions has me light years past the busy point. Today we had a big commercial shoot, tomorrow is a home movie shoot and Sunday we have a sweet newborn. Oh and this week starts my official fall sessions. Which means I’m shooting constantly. Which is really exciting!

Enjoy your Saturday! And if you are in St. Louis go to Emmanuel Episcopal Church tomorrow morning for their annual BOOT SALE (a big garage sale)… according to my mom they have lots of great stuff this year! 8 South Bompart in Webster!

5 thoughts on “while i take a while to figure some things out…

  1. Jodie!!! The Jesus Storybook Bible is the absolute BEST children’s Bible story book…hands down! My 4 kids have loved it, but not as much as me because every story…Old Testament and New…point to the “Rescuer” who is coming to save the world. As I read it, I get goosebumps. It’s incredible! I will warn you that there is a lot of text, so your younger kiddos might not be able to sit through the stories yet. But my 5 & 7 year olds really enjoy it. I’ve read it through to them several times! ENJOY!!!!

  2. Looove this entire list, Jodie!!!! So awesome! The ColormeKatie blog is AMAZING. So much inspiration! I can already tell I could spend hours on there!!! I love vinyl for walls too but haven’t gotten any (yet). My kids would looove the models that you color and then put together!!! Great idea! And that book looks amazing AND that memory game of the kids’ artwork??? Hello, awesomeness!!! So like I said, great list, lol.
    If you need help with anything at all, I’d be happy to help you in any way I can!!! Or if you need a girls nite out, I’ll be happy to take you out, lol! Remember what’s important and take care of yourself!!!! So you can take care of those gorgeous children & hubby. xoxo -j

  3. What a groovy mention! Love your work. Good luck with Fresh Art Photography.
    Wishing you the very best from one busy mom to another,
    Dana at Groovy Paper

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