the bruiser.

Oh my gosh! Just take a look at Bailey’s sweet and beaten to hell face!

Wait, did you see it ok?

Is that better?

How about this?

Of course this photo is a little on the bright side so they are a bit hard to see but after today’s crash with the playground swing at preschool you can see my sweet little girl has quite a face of scars!

But she’s still gorgeous right?

Oh yeah! Totally gorgeous! Scar face and all!

And this sad sad “I don’t want neosporin on my boo boo” photo is just for my dad, who picked out and bought the leg warmers all on his own, to show him she wore them for her half-birthday celebration at school today! Thanks PawPaw! She rocked them! (With her black converse shoes, oh man! it was awesome!)

lets add to the discussion… just HOW personal?

I love the responses so far. Of course because they are all on MY side though! HA!

And I agree with all of you. AND thank you. Because when I started this blog it was personal. And my business grew from there so I always felt that if I changed things I would lose a piece of my business. And our business is doing well and I’m incredibly happy with it and there is no part of me that wants to change.

But I did move over here because like Rachel said in the comments in the last post, I wasn’t blogging as much personal THERE as I used to HERE. Not because I couldn’t, and not because Kim didn’t want me to, and not because I thought it would hurt our business… mainly just because we got really really busy and almost every day was something business related that needed to be blogged. And in the last few months I felt like a piece of my family’s journey was missing, you know? The every day pieces that used to see light on the blog. The things I blogged for no one but myself.

There just wasn’t room at Fresh Art for that. Especially b/c there are two of us so if we both did that we’d be posting a million times a day! And as all of you noticed, I’m just more into blogging right now than Kim is (who can blame her with seven kids and a super full schedule!) so it was getting very one-sided!

Here I can do what I want and not worry about anything. This here is MY blog, not our business blog and if I only have 5 readers so be it. At the end of it all I will be blogging here so someday I can print this as a record of our life.


I do think there still needs to be SOME personal stuff over at Fresh Art and Kim thinks so too. So we will still post some kid-stuff over there!


This brings me to another semi-related question: How personal is TOO personal for a blog?

Do you guys read MckMama? Her husband is now blogging HERE and is being SUPER CRAZY open about their marriage. And although he’s getting some criticism, I think it’s fantastic. And I think by them opening themselves up so much it might therein help a TON of people.

I, for one, don’t blog much about our marriage b/c C’s students might read this or his fellow teachers or well, his family. And our marriage is private for the most part. But I am REALLY open and honest about myself. Like I was HERE.

And of course it was THAT post that elicited the email from our client/friend.

So was that too personal? I base things on the fact that I got over 20 emails (not to mention the comments) from women relating to what I was talking about, so to me it wasn’t too personal. BUT, what if someone who had NEVER seen our blogsite came over and that was the first thing they saw+read? You know? We have to think that each and every blog post is a potential first impression when you are running a blogsite instead of a website.

So if you are personal on your business blog (or even me, who’s here now but always linked to Fresh Art) do you only write about the GOOD and not the UGLY? So no one comes and thinks, “man, I like her work but who wants to hire a depressed photographer?” Or do you not even worry about people like that because they aren’t the right clients for you anyway? (Of course my thinking is more the latter…)

Just thinking here. And writing.


Anyway, I’ve never really censored myself. If I’m feeling it I’m blogging it. And besides our marriage almost everything is fair game. Remember the time I told you I had frozen peas on my swollen who-ha when i was preggers with Gray? HA! See? Very little do I hold back!

So let’s see what everyone else thinks… blog ALL OF IT? Just the good? Sugar coat the bad? What do you think?

BTW… I love this! I’m pretending I don’t hear the kids screaming while Chris puts them to bed and instead am sitting around chatting with my girl friends! Thanks for welcoming me back! Seriously, it feels like I just stepped out to hit the restroom and am now back to start chatting again!

can you mix personal AND professional?

It’s ironic that I moved back in over here yesterday because today we got an email from a good friend/client that talked about how she didn’t like that we put personal information on our professional blog. That it has caused her to not give our name out as much because she wouldn’t want some of her contacts to read about our personal lives when all they wanted is to hire us as photographers. Just funny that I am now being personal over HERE instead but for a totally different reason.

Personally, I feel the opposite. I think mixing the two is what makes us different. What keeps people coming back. I know for a fact it’s why Jodified came in third in the PPA Fresh Blog contest. I’ve always believed that by being REAL and TRUTHFUL on our professional blog it helped our clients relate to us. To know that at the end of the day we’re just moms struggling like everyone else.

But am I wrong?

Should a professional blog stay strictly professional? Should I keep it a secret that I’m even over here again? Not announce it on the Fresh Art blog?

Maybe everything I’ve ever thought about blogging is wrong. Maybe people do just want to see our photos and move on. Maybe they don’t care when I’m having a bad day or do a neat art project with the kids.

What’s funny is that I moved over here ONLY because there are days I feel like blogging ten times and if I did that on Fresh Art it would clog it up too much. I came back here so I could have our life in print for the kids one day and for me to look back on in ten/twenty/fifty years. I came back here for ME so I could stretch and move and blog how and when I want.

But I NEVER thought people didn’t like how I was blogging over at Fresh Art!

So that email surprised me and now has me wondering. And although there aren’t many of you that know I’m “back” I thought I would toss it out there anyway! Do any of you have opinions about this?

Should professional blogs STAY professional? Should you not let your personality spread too much into your business or just the GOOD parts of your personality? Was I being TOO REAL over there and turning people off? Hmmm…

Bailey’s boyfriend.

Yesterday I was thinking of my life and my happiness and while conversing with my friend Angie about it all she told me to do something out of the ordinary to make the day special. I thought she was crazy but when Gray and I went to pick up the girls from preschool they both came charging out, full speed ahead with smiles to light the world on their faces. Both were in terrific moods and so on the spur of the moment I took all three kids out to lunch at Bread Co. By myself. Something I never do.

And while there we were eating our soup and chatting. Just me and the kids girls. And that’s when mid-bite Bailey casually mentions that she has a boyfriend.


Are you 4 or 14?

Instead of TOTALLY FREAKING OUT I just as casually asked, “who?”


“And why is Jacob your boyfriend?”

“Well, today we were going potty and he asked me to come to his house to jump on his trampoline. So now he’s my boyfriend.”

“Oh really? Because he wants you to come over?”

“Yeah, but I told him I couldn’t come over because I don’t know where his house is.”

And that was the end of that.

Well, until I told Chris later that night and he nearly fainted. I think he was ready to march upstairs where our sweet little four year old slept and give her THE TALK! I calmed him down and good thing because today she came home from preschool and told me that Jacob was mean to her today so he’s not her boyfriend anymore.

HA! Men!

Hello Google Reader.

So ok. I guess this blog isn’t quite done. Let’s just pretend like my dramatic end was just a nice long nap.

Because here I am.

And I’m not sure I’m going to announce this re-blog to anyone. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone still has me on Google Reader and notices a new post. We’ll see.

Here’s the thing.

I kind of miss blogging.

Which is funny b/c I blog every day HERE.

SO I guess I don’t miss blogging, just writing. I used to write. A lot. And of course share the occasional photo or twenty but at the heart of this blog were my words.

And I just can’t clog my work blog up with all of my rambling words. And I have a lot of words lately. They flow through my head like a leaky faucet. Blog posts writing themselves that never see the light of my screen.

So I’m taking back Jodified and making it personal. Like it was in the beginning. Like it was truly meant to be.

And I’ll still be blogging daily over at Fresh Art AND at The Fresh Reflection but HERE is where I will lay my heart on the line. Share stories of my kids, my marriage, our life. Because someday my kids might want to really know their mother. Or not. But if they do, here I am.

Welcome back!