don’t cry.

In the car on the way to school this morning Parker was crying at the injustice of not getting to wear a skirt and Bailey started singing a song that went…

“Don’t cry Parker, don’t cry. Don’t cry Parker, don’t cry…”

And after a minute or so Parker stopped crying.

And when she stopped Bailey held out her hand to her and said, “sisters?”

And Parker, holding her hand, said, sniffling, “yes.”

And Bailey said, “friends?”

And Parker smiled and said loudly, “YES!”

And my heart broke a little as I drove them the rest of the way to preschool.

10 thoughts on “don’t cry.

  1. Oh my goodness. PRECIOUS!!!!!
    See? Aren’t you glad you’re blogging here again so you can look back on these precious memories??? =)

  2. oh so sweet. glad you blogged it b/c next time they are fighting you’ll have to remind yourself of those moments.

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