hanging on the front porch with Gray.

A few weeks ago, on the first warm day, Gray and I sat on the front porch to watch the cars and trucks and buses drive by. It was awesome to slow down, with camera in hand, and just capture HIM being HIM. Because although he seems so big to me now, I know in just a few short years months he’ll seem small. And someday, looking back, I will be happy I took the time to capture these everyday moments.

3 thoughts on “hanging on the front porch with Gray.

  1. Oh, man, Jod, he is so beautiful! He’s really growing up and into his features. Those eyes and full lips, his smile and curiosity. Awesome.

  2. Love these! Those eyelashes…wow. Since my little guy is so close in age, I can just hear all of the things he said and the noises that he made that day on the porch…

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