the girls + gray.

We spent today with all our best girl friends and the little man. Of course there were no husbands. I mean, seriously, when IS my husband around?

No, I’m not bitter.

But it was a good day that started off at Powder Valley Nature Reserve…

For some reason the back of Gray walking, in his new raincoat carrying Dogdog just got me today. Love it.

Can you say arranged marriage? HA!

Crappy photo but can you see his eye? Does this help?

How about a little zoom action to see that BIG BLACK EYE? HA! It happened yesterday when Bailey was trying to help him and his two blankets, two Dogdogs and his baby doll down the stairs at the Allen’s house! He just tumbled down and we have no idea what he hit but he certainly hit something! Chris thinks it’s great and is now calling him BRUISER.

We handed Lauren, the 7 year old and leader of our pack, the camera and I told her to take lots while whispering to Ang that the focus is hard to nail. I laughed when all 10 photos looked like this! HA!

It was a hard angle but I wanted to capture Gray holding my hand. I love that little guy who is so content to hang back with me the whole time!

Thanks to Angie for giving me a new and much needed photo of me and the kiddos!

My favorite part of our friendship? That our kids love the other mom too. My two are totally content to hold hands with Ang and her little Kelsey actually cried to have me hold her today…

SO CUTE! And I love Angie’s face here! Like “What dude? I’m not good enough?” HA!

Our 6 pack. I love these kids and this friendship!

Thanks Ang for making a daddyless day great!

4 thoughts on “the girls + gray.

  1. Brady has that same raincoat…I had to get it in two sizes! Soo cute, love the black eye too, he must be ALL boy!

  2. These kids will treasure these photo’s when they are older.
    The one of you and your 3 is too cute!
    Love the girls wellies!

  3. Oh man did we love yesterday! The girls want to go to Powder Valley ‘everyday.’ And Kels is now say ‘Gr.. s..n’ or something close to Grayson all the time:). Yep, an arranged marriage indeed. I love seeing all of them together as their bonds of friendship grow with each new experience together. Now, about me. PLEASE remove the close-up including my double-chin. Totally self-conscious, feeling old and all that. Ha! Great post.

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