a great painting project.

Last week or so when Bailey was at school and the other two were driving me crazy I decided to forget trying to get work done and instead focused on THEM. I’ll never regret the days I focus on my kids.

I stripped them down, mixed some powder tempra paint with water and dish soap, gave them brushes and sent them on the back porch to paint their house+bikes.

They had a blast!

Then when they got bored of painting and wanted to come in (but I was folding laundry at that point and needed a few more minutes to myself) I took their paint and instead gave them a bucket of water and sponges so they could clean!

It totally gave me 10 more minutes so I could finish the load and start a bath before it was time to pick up Bailey at school!

The soap in the paint makes it come off easily with water… this will definitely be something we do as soon as we’re home as a family again!

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