not a great day so far.

We’re seeing an Infectious Disease doctor later today and they’re calling the neurologist to see why she doesn’t seem to be making any improvement.  They’ve started her on a second antibiotic to see if that helps kick-start the one she’s been on for 6 days. Her fever spiked again early this morning and there is no reason they can find so far to explain why her fever is not gone… usually it takes about 4 days. We’ve contemplated moving her to Children’s b/c I adore that hospital and know so many people there, but ultimately we feel like we might be starting over if we move and with as sick as she is today we don’t feel comfortable moving her. The nurses have been amazing here (besides the one we had last night) and we can’t complain too much. Our pediatrician has said she’ll support whatever decision we make but she is confident they are doing everything they can here.

So here we sit. Or here I sit b/c C’s two buddies took him out to lunch. And Parker is watching yet another movie. An angel had Imo’s delivered for me so I’ve got my Mnt Dew in hand and although exhausted and frustrated I’m feeling good. AND I just got word another Mnt Dew is on the way from my friend Jen! Now we’re talking! With this caffeine in my system I’m finally feeling like myself again! HA!

My friend Trish asked me to ask for specific prayers so here goes…

1. That the doctors can figure out what is causing the fevers and stop them

2. That she will stop sweating (she started sweating last night and is just constantly wet and uncomfortable)

3. That she will start eating and more importantly, drinking again today

4. That C can stay home again tomorrow and not get docked pay

5. That Bailey and Grayson are good for my mom and weather this storm… I’m worried about them almost as much as I am about Parker

Thanks for the prayers and continued support. I’m not sure I can say that enough.

12 thoughts on “not a great day so far.

  1. Thinking of you and Parker every day and hoping that you can get some answers soon. You are all in our prayers.

  2. Jodie,
    I have been following every update on every front. I am so very sorry for what Parker and all of you are going through. It is exhausting, draining, scary, stressful, painful and many other things. As hard as this all is please know that God has a plan for her and all of you and as someone who has had to go through many painful experiences know that I understand your emotions. Parker will get better, Bailey an Grayson are fine and will come out on the other side no worse for wear. They are being cared for and loved and you need to let your wonderful support system handle that part for you and let that go. You can only handle so much at one time so continue to ask for help, let people support and help you and keep everyone praying for answers, relief and a quick recovery. Keep remembering that all of the Allens and Kuhn’s are loved and being upheld by so many people all over. I feel helpless being so far away, but Bill, Nick, Ben and I are praying and thinking about all of you. Keep your chin up, you are doing an incredible job of caring and advocating for Parker and keeping all of us udpated and informed. Take care of yourself as well, the mom’s tend to make sure everyone else is ok before themselvs even though they need the most support. Trust me I know. We love you all, Colleen

  3. i just prayed through your list (and prayed for you too, Jodie, not just the rest of your family!) and will continue to pray!

  4. Jodie – my husband and I are going to Mass tomorrow morning at Poor Clare’s (a group of Cloistered nuns live at this monastery in Belleville, IL). The nuns have a prayer box in their public chapel area and I will make sure to drop in a request for your family. The nuns will say special prayers for you.

    Take care!

  5. Oh, I’m all teary thinking about all the stress you have to be feeling. I hate it and wish I could bear some of it for you. I am praying for you and Parker. Bailey and grayson will be ok again after this is over – I know bailey has to be stressed without her buddy aroun. You must be so eager to have your family back in one place again.

    praying for you.

  6. Hey,
    We heard about Miss Parker from Katie Mohr- so sorry to hear about all you’re dealing with. Praying for you all!
    Emily (and Jimmy) Armstrong

  7. Still praying for you guys…and for the specifics. If they still suspect encephalitis, many causes are viral and drugs wont help. From my very limited knowledge, symptoms can last 2-3 weeks, so the fact that she doesnt seem to be getting better despite the antibiotics doesnt necessarily mean the worst. It might just mean its going to take a bit more time. But Im sure youve been told that already. I cant imagine the stress and worry this has caused you all, and like I keep saying, I wish there was something I could do. {{hugs}}

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