I love that there are finally some happy photos on this blog again! Even if it was from last week!


Yesterday kind of sucked until Parker took a 4+ hour afternoon nap and woke up THIRSTY! For the first time in two days! And right as she was polishing off her chocolate milk 4 of C’s soccer players walked in. Stevie, Carly, Jess and Ali totally broke Parker out of her fog! They had her giggling and playing and painting and being silly! It was seriously magical to see after we watched her fall into a zone we couldn’t break her out of. Then she actually ate some dinner for me… I had to FEED her which I hope she knows will stop the SECOND we walk into our own house! And she stayed happy+awake while the Palucek girls came by with Jordan… all soccer players again. I think she needed those young girls, most of them her babysitters, to show off for or something. Whatever it was, they worked a magic on her Chris and I couldn’t!

THANKS GIRLS! And a big BLOG SHOUT OUT to Abby and Jordan! HA! (they actually read my boring old blog and want to be on the Fresh Art blog so we’re working on that asap!)

Anyway, the EVEN BETTER NEWS is that her FEVER STAYED DOWN ALL NIGHT! The highest it got was 100.2! Just .2 degrees below what they consider fever!


When I heard that, around 6am, I practically jumped out of bed and made out with her nurse!

So now Parker’s awake and has taken a few sips of apple juice, Chris ran home to shower and pick up Bailey who’s going to skip school to hang out with us for a while and I’m hoping Bubba gets here soon for his morning visit to let me take a 3 minute shower so when the infectious disease doc comes FINALLY this morning I have a bra on! HA!

My spirits are UP! WAY UP! That we might get to go home this afternoon and at the VERY latest tomorrow morning!

Ahhhhhh. The light at the end of the tunnel is more beautiful than I ever could have imagined!

AND we have our nurse from yesterday, Melissa, who we love!


GO! GO! GO! and have a good day too!

7 thoughts on “PROGRESS!!!

  1. LOVE reading your post with this many caps and “GO!”s and so much good news. This is absolutely wonderful! Keep the updates coming!

  2. Omg! You just made my week! I’m soo happy Parker is feeling better! Say hi to shaquita for me!
    -chocolate chip :)

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