the naptime update.

Both Chris and Parker are sound asleep right now so I’m trying to get a few things accomplished on the computer. I’m so afraid client emails are getting lost in the amazing amount of support emails so I’m trying to sift through them. And for all of you sending prayers/notes/encouragement through FB messages or emails please know I will try my best to write everyone back… I’m just overwhelmed right now with the sheer volume of them!

Anyway, the update is…

Her kidney infection is not responding to the antibiotics.


So they took more blood, collected more urine and changed her meds around.

Her fever was back up to 103 this afternoon but now with a giant dose of Motrin in her it’s down to 101.

We’ll be here until at least Friday they’re saying…

10 thoughts on “the naptime update.

  1. Forget about responding to good wishes…….not necessary! Folks will surely understand. Just do what you have to do re: your business…and, especially, take GOOD care of yourself. That is the tuff one for you to remember.
    Prayers continue.

  2. I’m with Sandy. We know how much you want to thank everybody, etc., etc, etc, but having Parker get better and go home is our thank-you.

  3. I can pretty much bet that nobody writes to you to get a response!!! Don’t worry about it! We just want you to know we’re praying for you guys and thinking of you and that you are not alone!!! You have enough, more than enough, to worry about! Cross “responding to emails and texts” off your mental list!!!

  4. i’m the zillionth person to say this, but don’t respond individually to everyone’s well wishes! nobody expects that you will contact them; they just want you to feel loved & supported during this difficult time. that said, i’m praying for you all as well… i can’t imagine what this feels like for you & your family, but i’m certainly praying that it’s resolved soon!

  5. don’t respond to everyone or anyone for that matter, take care of your daughter and yourself! Family first, blog stalkers like me just want Parker to get better!!

  6. Yeah, really. Don’t even think about responding — people just want you to know you’re loved and that we’re all thinking of you and praying for you.

    Although I do sort of want you to tell me if there is a Mt. Dew fountain machine in the hospital, and if the mix is any good, because if it isn’t I’ll call Imo’s and see if they’ll give you the Jodie Allen fountain soda delivery special to the hospital.

    But if your soda needs are being met, don’t spend your time responding!

  7. Oh Jodie – I HATE this for you! Continuing to pray for you all. DO NOT WORRY about responding to everyone. Those of us sending notes – we know you appreciate it all so much – there is no need to add more stress to yourself by having an expectation that you need to respond to everyone. You are too sweet! Just worry about taking care of yourself so you can take care of your family! HUGS!

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