the parker update!

We JUST saw the neurologist, Dr. Mantovani, (who happens to have been Noah’s neurologist as well) and we got GOOD news!

Basically, after the MRI he determined that she has a virus that is effecting her brain. The virus is unidentified at this point but he’s doing more blood tests tomorrow to see if he can pin point exactly which virus she has. And for some reason, the virus is making her brain waves slow down. Which is causing her slow responses.

Her symptoms that we found strange since Saturday and everyone told us were just reactions to the anti-seizure meds are double vision, hand-eye coordination that is about an inch off, extreme irritability (my favorite!), unable to walk, etc. We kept telling everyone we thought something else was wrong but they were SURE the UTI caused the fever, the fever caused the seizures and the seizure meds caused the strange behavior. LUCKILY the neurologist FINALLY agreed with us today that something else was wrong and now the MRI confirms it.

From here we will have more blood tests tomorrow, hope her fever goes away (it’s hanging steady at 99-101) and watch her symptoms. Dr. Mantovani hopes we can go home tomorrow but he wants to wait and evaluate her in the morning first.

He says the symptoms can last a few days up to a month, only time and diagnosis will tell.

Gotta run to my sick kid but THANK YOU for the prayers, meals, etc!

14 thoughts on “the parker update!

  1. Oh Jodie! Hang in there – praying for all of you guys, Miss Parker especially. We’ve fallen in love with all your kids all the way over here in California – our church is praying!

  2. I am actually familiar with Dr. Mantovani…several of my students see him. Good to know you are in good hands. Please keep us updated!

  3. Yay, yay, and another yay for some good news! And I’ll toss in a good old Praise God too, for good measure! :D Glad you have some answers.

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  5. Still keeping the prayers strong. Hoping you guys get some more good news in the morning and that you get to take her home and her symptoms take the “few days” route versus the “up to a month” route.

  6. Hang in there and keep praying! Praying that God gives you all strength and peace through this difficult situation!

  7. Just a thought (and by NO MEANS trying to start a debate) as I’m doing lots of research on vaccinations lately… any chance she’s had immunizations recently? Although highly under-diagnosed and not medically acknowledged in most cases, many parents find vaccinations have had a similar effect on children. Just something to look into while you’re searching for answers or possibilities. Meanwhile, I’ll be praying for her full recovery-ASAP. God Bless.

  8. Thanks be to God that you’re finally getting somewhere. Mommy ALWAYS knows best! Good for you, Mommy and Daddy!

  9. Jodie….We are all sending prayers to you and the family! So sorry you are all having to deal with this..Poor Parker. Just hang in there and be the strong Mommy that you are!

  10. Hey Jodie – Just want you to know that I’ve been following Parker’s story and I’m really pulling for you guys. I have a 3 year old little gal too….and I couldn’t imagine being in your shoes right now. Hang in there! – Lori

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