decorating your home with photos.

Kim and I are in the midst of taking our once dining room turned art room and turning it into our STUDIO FOR NEWBORNS! I can’t even tell you how excited we are about this!

More details on that LATER and over on the Fresh Art blog!

Anyway, in an attempt to update my house, since I haven’t printed photos since Gray was about 8 months old, Kim has been helping me put together a few BIG pieces and I am SO excited about them!

This will be a 24×24 standout mount in our living room…

And this will be a 10×20 standout mount for the living room as well!

I mean seriously. Wouldn’t you love coming home if these greeted you everyday?


I’ll show you how they look hanging up next week when I get them from our lab!

8 thoughts on “decorating your home with photos.

  1. Looove them!!! I did the heart thing in our bedroom and just taped them up with happy tape. It makes me happy. =) Love yours! Can’t wait to see what they look like on the wall! Hope you’re having a happy & beautiful day!!!

  2. Very cute! I think it’s hard sometimes as a photographer to decorate our own houses with pictures because we have so many of them and have to narrow it down, plus we have too many options available with us on how to print them!

  3. love love love them! Im in a new house and have yet to decide what Im going to be putting on the walls…

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