Parker officially has NOTHING in her arm tonight! A nurse came by this afternoon and took out the picc line!

Oh, and I called a sitter so I could rest for a couple of hours and get some work done.

Don’t let my last post scare you… I’m just tired. Giving myself these little breaks is really what I need!

And Chris reminded me to just keep my EYE ON THE PRIZE b/c next week is his last week of school! Then we have one week to get our new in-home studio ready to launch because exciting things are happening this summer for Fresh Art. Having him home and having fun work+family things to look forward to helps a ton. I just need to remember THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

Thanks for the prayers and dinners and gift cards and LOVE. When I have more energy I will come talk about how much incredible help we’ve had the last two and a half weeks!

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