oh yeah.

This is not an exaggeration.

Bailey has been sick with a fever and sore throat since late Friday night. Grayson woke up from naps with a fever today. No one ate dinner. Everyone had baths. We put Gray to bed early and let the girls cuddle in our bed to watch a movie. Bailey was sad b/c her throat hurt. I was getting her water when Grayson started screaming upstairs. I dropped off the water to Bails and ran upstairs to check on Gray. He had puked all over his bed and was burning up. I changed him and brought him downstairs to our bed. We moved the girls to their beds (our upstairs is too hot in the summer so they are camping out in my office which is attached to our bedroom right now) and as I was getting Grayson tucked in to our bed he threw up all over. We changed him and Chris took him out to the couch. As I was gathering ALL the laundry to go get started after stripping both beds Parker started screaming. She felt hot so I threw the thermometer under her arm and went to start the laundry. When I came back up I checked her temp and it was 103.


That all happened in less than 30 minutes.

Now Gray is in bed with C, the laundry is going so DogDog will be clean soon, Parker and Bailey are both asleep and I’ve canceled our morning newborn triplet session b/c NO ONE, especially new triplets, wants this virus.

Which is what it is b/c bailey’s strep test from Saturday came back negative.

Just a virus.

Which means C and I will probably be sick by the end of the week.

Does anyone else have kids that get sick this much? People keep asking is we have mold in the house, does anyone know anything about mold? Is this normal for a house with kids these ages?


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  1. Yikes, right there with you…with three kids I feel like one of them always has a bug of some kind. It’s always something. How exhausting and frustrating!

  2. i have two kiddies and i feel like mine are sick all the time as well.i don’t know what it is they just pick up every little bug that is out there. are your kids “put everything in there mouth” kids? mine are. my mom says that is why they are sick so much. i just started giving them vitamins everyday and it seems to be helping. they were sick last week but that was the first time since easter which is a record for us! hoping they feel better soon!!

  3. What does your doctor say about them being sick all the time? I feel like Maddie is sick all of the time with one thing or another, but we know it is because she is in daycare on a few days a week. There is a non-stop virus train running through that place. It gets a little better in the summer when the older kids are out of school, but generally my pediatrician says there isn’t much we can do about it–and that by the time she is school aged, she will have a really strong immune system. We’ll see about that I guess. In any case–if you think there is even a slight chance for mold in the house, you should get that checked out right away. We started vitamins and those do seem to have helped a little bit. Wish there was a magic answer!

  4. I have a 5 year old and 2 year old twins. Our pediatrician’s office is like a second home to me. I swear, I have been more sick this past winter than my entire life. You name it, my family had it. ALL of us. H1N1, strep, pneumonia, burst ear drum, ear infections, stomach virus (that was fun), common cold. It was a BAD season. I don’t know anything about mold or immunity boosting, but I hope your little ones get well soon to enjoy some summer fun.

  5. Unfortunately I’d say it’s normal. I have four 9 and under and someone is always sick with something. It gets better with summer every year, but as soon as we are back in school, it seems we are sick. And this last year was a doosy. Everything was worse than normal. Not to mention the swine flu. Oh yeah, all 6 of us got that.

  6. We are very fortunate. Neither of our little boys are in day care, but certainly around plenty of friend’s kids who are. Our 16 year old never gets sick (I mean it). We stay away from refined sugars – seriously. No cookies, suckers from the bank, pop, etc. Our kids get “treats” like homemade fruit smoothies, natural licorice, dried fruit, etc. Sugar KILLS your immune system. Probiotics can help, and vitamins, too (from a Whole Foods or the like). Sick kids are so not fun. Hoping for a healthy Allen house this summer!

  7. This school year was really good for us in terms of illness, but 2008-2009 was awful and everyone kept asking me about mold too. And my sister’s kids are always sick too, and she is in a new house so at least I feel confident it isn’t my 1928 home.

    I am so sorry!

    We have some weird bug here right now too — possibly a recurrence of our strep butt/nut/throat/bugbite debacle from last summer. But we haven’t had much this year… I bet next year your kids won’t be sick nearly as much.

  8. So sorry the kids are sick. Chris was worried when the kids were babies about mold (we had a leaky basement at the time) but my pediatrician said “There has to be a large quantity and they have to ingest it.” Uh, gross!! I wouldn’t worry about mold!

  9. My oldest (5) started PreK this year and the sickies began in August. WE had it all too, h1n1, croup, strep, ear infections,croup, stomach bugs, croup, did I mention croup?? Yep Croup once a month, around the 20th. I pretty much can make the ped’s appt in advance. Since August my kids have been sick once a month. My friends ask us about mold too…and everyone is always saying “your kids are always sick”…I KNOW already. I think it is somewhat normal, and I do think they will outgrow it, do the vitamins, and eat well, it’s all you can do. We are replacing our air conditioner this week, as ALL 4 of us are having breathing, wheezing, croup, allergy/asthma problems. We’ll see.

  10. Jodie, my kids are definitely not sick as often as yours, BUT we were all really sick for weeks and weeks until we ripped up the feral carpet in the house we just bought. And there was mold in our bedroom from a leak in the shower behind the bedroom wall (which still has to be fixed, argh!). It was horrible…we had to wear masks and everything ripping it up. But as soon as we got that carpet out of the house, we ALL recovered in a matter of days, after being sick with a persistant cough for about 6 weeks. All that to say, mold can definitely wreak havoc on your system, so its something to investigate. In the meantime, praying for HEALTH in your household ASAP!! x

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