the allen family.

I am an Allen. Which still sometimes sounds funny coming out of my mouth. Jodie Allen. Mrs. Allen. Especially because Chris still calls me “Kuhn” all the time. And because I knew “Mrs. Allen” when I was a kid. I met her when I was just 14. When I met my husband. Who I’ve known now more than half my life. And when I met my brothers-in-law who were really just kids back then at 8 and 10.

It’s an odd thing to be a woman and take on the name of another family. To claim them as your own. To become one of them and love them as much as your own family.

But it’s also magical.

To fit as securely in another family as much as you do in your own. To love each person unconditionally like you do your own parents and siblings.

Being married is incredible because it binds you to another person so completely, but the biggest perk of marriage is that it gives you a second family.

And last night, at C’s cousin Shayne’s rehearsal dinner, I felt so blessed to have that second family. Another family that “gets me”. People I can laugh with and joke with and love.

It was a night filled with hysterical laughter, amazing food and good people!

Chris, Jack, Matthew and Bubba

We were at the Old Warson Country Club and although the light wasn’t awesome, Terri asked me to snap a few family shots since we were all dressed up… some of these are priceless!

“one of these things is not like the others…”

Oh to be the husband of a photographer! Rough life!

That series was literally three shots in a row! HYSTERICAL!

Matthew and Betsey… I’m sure I’ll be photographing their wedding soon! :)

The in-between shots just crack me up! And I wouldn’t show these of a client but I sure can of my family!

And the whole family!

Thanks to the Allen’s for a great night and to the Kuhn’s for keeping the kids so we could have a great night! :) Grandparents rock!

6 thoughts on “the allen family.

  1. Jodie! The spirit of the Allen family is shining in these photos. Love them! BTW, I love your dress. Where did you get it? Maureen

  2. so cute how much shorter terri is than her little boys! hope you had a fun night out with C. hopfully a little dancing was done by all!

  3. Thanks Jod for the pictures! They capture the Allens at their best! Especially when B is choking me! I love you madly and we am so proud to call you ours! Merry Christmas!

  4. I really appreciate you posting the pictures. I’ve followed you through the last several years. As Betsey’s mother, I can honestly say you have gotten more great pictures of her than anyone. It is so nice to have Allen family pictures to show-you are part of an awesome family!

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