to clarify.

People seem confused about the “hospital error” I keep talking about.

When they tested Parker’s urine it came back with a rare bacteria growing, which was the cause of her kidney infection, but someone, at some point, messed up her chart and wrote ECOLI as the bacteria instead of the one that was actually growing in her.

So for four days they were treating her for a UTI caused by ecoli.

It wasn’t until they did an ultrasound of her kidney did they see that it was a kidney infection.

And it wasn’t until she wasn’t responding to the medication and her fever kept climbing that they called in an Infectious Disease doctor to take a look and see if the kidney infection (that they thought was caused by ecoli, the bacteria that causes more than 90% of cases) had become a blood infection or something else.

It was the ID doc that went ALL THE WAY back to the beginning and caught the mistake.Thank God.

Someone verbally told a doctor it was ecoli and instead of double checking, that doctor just started treating her for ecoli and wrote it in her chart. So from that point on that’s what was assumed and trusted.

But it was wrong.

She didn’t have ecoli in her body. She never did.

For four days she went untreated.

They were giving her antibiotics but they were the wrong ones.

When they told us they needed to “change the dose” what they ACTUALLY were doing was changing the medication, the dose and the number of doses.

On the second to last day the doctor that screwed up came in and verbally apologized to me. And she felt awful. And everyone makes mistakes.

But it was my kid.

So yes. The doctors made a mistake. A BIG FUCKING MISTAKE. And they admitted to it and apologized for it.

I hope that helps clarify things.

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  1. Thanks for that info. I did not mean to make you angry. I know you are stressed from all of this, Believe me I have been there and I also know the feelings you are going through right now, been there too. I just must have missed this part that you just explained and was curious. I had assumed they were waiting for the culture and were treating for ecoli until the culture came in. Please accept my apology.

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