we made it.

Yesterday I stood on the sidelines cheering on the Webster Groves girls soccer team. For like the millionth time. And as tears came to my eyes when the other team started scoring on them I will admit that my brain also went to me and Chris. Because I knew that if they lost he’d be home today at 4:30pm. It meant we were that much closer to our summer break.

It meant we made it through this school year. Of him coaching three consecutive high school sports. Of me doing dinner+bath+bed with the kids alone 90% of the time.

But as a coaches wife it’s hard to be at that last game.

Because of course I can’t help but think of how this effects me, and I don’t think I’m selfish for that, it’s just how it goes. But on the other hand, I love this team. These girls. The parents.

During his speech at the end of the game Chris told the girls how much he’ll miss them now that the season is over and talked about how much they mean to us. US. That every day when he comes home we talk about soccer, if we’re on a date we’re talking about his soccer girls more than we talk about our own kids and I brag on them to other people too. We love these kids. They become a part of our family and it’s always hard, at the end of a season, to say goodbye to the team b/c although next year will be awesome too, it will just be different. Every year the team is completely new. And I agree with C, this has been an incredible year… I’m going to miss it too.

Especially since this season I committed to being there and photographing as much as possible. I feel more invested in this team than I have in a long time.

Anyway. It was an amazing season… Chris has never been so proud of a group of girls than he was of this team. They set all kinds of records at Webster which is just awesome! Here are some of my favorite shots from yesterday…

This might be my absolute favorite shot of C ever. THIS is the smile I married! The smile that ALWAYS hides when he sees the camera!

I’m sorry, but this shot just reiterates that head balls must HURT!

Lilly asked me to get a shot of her for the blog… I’m not sure THIS is the face she was hoping to make! HA! Sorry Lilly, I just HAD to post this!

The sky was amazing as the sun was setting!

These are the moments that had me crying during C’s talk. The seniors. So sad to say goodbye to this team. To close down their high school career. We’ve watched these kids since their freshman year. They are an incredible group of girls.

We tried to recreate a shot I got last year under the lights and although the light was totally different and it doesn’t quite have the same effect, I still love this b/c it shows just how many kids it takes to make up this team.


Thanks girls. You are the definition of the Allen family spring and I love you for that. This was a great season and I was honored to be a small part of it!

7 thoughts on “we made it.

  1. What a beautiful bunch of girls! I love that you made it to so many games this year. I’m sure it meant a lot to them too — you can never have too many strong female role models.

    Congratulations on making it!

  2. I LOVE the picture of Chris on this post. You can see the true passion in his eyes through this photo. I think it might be one of my favorite photos of yours ever. I know it is hard on you to do so much on your own with three small kids at home, but the soccer girls are awfully lucky to have a coach with that kind of fire and drive. They will look back for years to come and remember the impact Chris had on them. You can see all of it in this photo!

  3. Jodie, I grinned with that first shot, without even knowing him. I agree with the others that he has absolute joy in his eyes. Its beautiful. Well done for another year…

  4. Oh Jod, before I even read a word, the first shot of C made me cry. There is nothing I love more than a photograph of someone doing what they love and this is it. He’s a very, very lucky man.

  5. These are all great shots.But how handsome is my son, Christopher? He lights up the world with that smile! Couldn’t be prouder of you, Jod or C!

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