Art&Air 2010. The Video.

My sister’s family was in town this year for Art&Air, a local art show in Webster Groves, MO. My dad has always played an integral part in the weekend so our family has supported it as best we can each year… one of the summer activities we look forward to each year!

This year they had Babaloo come! One of our FAVORITE artists! The kids are obsessed with his CDs and we know+love his family (not his immediate family and he, himself, has no idea who we are, but his family owns a local car repair shop we’ve gone to my entire life).

Anyway, I had my camera that day and although videos take longer to put together than editing a few photos, sometimes I think an event really warrants a video over stills… and this certainly was one of those times! So after I took a few shots I quickly ditched the stills and went to video…

4 thoughts on “Art&Air 2010. The Video.

  1. That is awesome Jodie. I can’t believe how big Sam is getting (from looking at all your pictures). It looks like everyone had a great time!

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