C’s Father’s Day!

Oh MAN did we pack a lot of awesomeness into yesterday!

We started out the morning EARLY and I let Chris sleep a tiny bit extra while I got up with the natives. Then we rushed around and were out the door by 7:45am to head to Indian Hills Lake in Cuba, MO where C’s Grandpa has a lake house. His parents, grandparents, Aunt Peggy and brother Jack all came down… it really was a great great day! SO neat to spend Father’s Day with 3 generations of Allen dads!

Chris used to teach water skiing so it was fun to finally see him ski! The best part? His back hurt! Being almost 31 is rough! HA!

The best part for the girls? Dock jumping! (We left Grayson at home with a sitter for the day)

Uncle Jack taught the girls how to fish and by the lunch time Bailey could cast all by herself! Parker cast her rod straight into the water a few times so Uncle Jack had to keep fishing it out! HA!

Gotta love the FAKE almost-five year old smile! Can’t wait until she grows out of this smile stage!

C’s Grandpa Allen!

I have about 100 photos from the lake but I won’t bore you with ALL of them! Just know we had an awesome day!

Then we had to get home for our softball game! HA! We dropped off the girls, changed clothes and headed to Black Burn Park.

Settle down ladies… he’s ALL mine! Doesn’t he look studly? HA! Our coach calls him “poetry in motion” b/c he’s so good! Love how he’s biting his lip in this photo!


I love Margaret! Could she be any cuter? She smiled when C said, “no pressure to preform with that camera in your face!”

Just had to include this shot of my friend Tara! She’s got the BEST smile+laugh!

More softball photos too! I might do another post about softball! And I will definitely be bringing my camera more often to our games!

By 8pm we were home and exhausted! I ran out to use the last of our Dewey’s gift cards for our dinner and we ate then crashed! We LOVE our Daddy and our little corner of the world wouldn’t function without him!

Thanks for being the most amazing dad Chris… everyday you teach me more and more about loving our life!

3 thoughts on “C’s Father’s Day!

  1. Wish we could have been there, would love to see the girls in the water and I know PawPaw would love to fish with them. Glad you had so much fun.

  2. SO jealous of the great Father’s Day that you all had. We didn’t even spend ours together and we both spent part of it driving! Yuck! The girls look adorable and I cannot wait to hear future fishing stories about the big ones that got away!!

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