DIY: A 5th Birthday Party

So Bailey is turning FIVE in a couple of weeks and all we talk about around here is her PARTY! I wasn’t planning on doing anything spectacular because we are tightening our budget straps pretty tight right now but for the first time she REALLY wants a PARTY so I decided to go all out. On a budget.

Which means I am making everything myself.

And I say it like that and not like, “Dude! I get to make everything myself for her party! YIPPE!!!” because who has time to hand make an entire party? Not me!

BUT we are having fun with it and luckily she gave me a super simple party request… “Mommy, i want a RED party!”

Perfect. I can work a color-based party!

So for the next week or two I will be blogging about every little detail I’m creating to take her theme to a rockin’ level! But today let’s start with the invites!

We are inviting immediate family (grandparents, uncles/aunts, great grandparents) and six friends. So we needed about 10 invites. And once I came up with the design, we decided it would be fun to hand-deliver them as well (what’s a lot of driving to add to the mix? HA!), which helped since my design is a bit 3-D.

To start we went to good ole Hobby Lobby and bought whatever cute red papers they had. I also splurged and bought a butterfly paper punch (I added butterflies as the secondary theme b/c just “red” was too hard), a butterfly stamp and some ink.

Then I gave the kids the stamp+ink and asked them to stamp the hell out of the solid red paper. When they were done I finished the front…

Simple. It’s red, with our secondary theme letting people know how old she will be (5 butterflies) and each person we’re inviting will have their name handwritten on the bottom stripe of gingham paper… I like that personal touch!

I decided it added something to have the butterflies raised off the paper so all I did was fold the wings and glue just the body. That piece will also tie in to one of the main party decorations.

Then I just created a simple invite on the computer, printed it at home, cut it out, backed it with black paper and glued it to the side the girls had stamped…

I used some overlays in Photoshop bought HERE! One of my all-time favorite artists! Check out her prints too, we have several in our home!

I love the stamped edges and the girls were SO proud!

Delivery started today!

If you hate DIY crap then don’t read this blog until after July 11th! :)

2 thoughts on “DIY: A 5th Birthday Party

  1. oh man…i’m going to have to keep reading through july 11!!!! since we are having a little girl…i’m thinking i can’t WAIT to do fun creative stuff like this…however…i’m not gifted at this…so…anywho….this makes me excited!

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