just another post about why i love blogging so much!

Remember THIS post?

I’ve gotten a lot of emails about it, which is awesome, but the one I got last night had me in tears (my mom+dad too when i read it to them!)…


Hi Jodie!

I’ve been reading your blog since the Jodified days, and just wanted to tell you thank you for sharing so much of yourself. Your pictures are absolutely FANTASTIC, but you’re personality way outshines the photographs you take. Most bloggers tend to share only the happy stories about how they just made cookies with their kids or sharing pictures of their latest fun outing. You were one of the first blogs I read who actually got REAL and reassured me that being a mom is definitely hard sometimes. And being a young mom of 2, this has been so helpful.

But anyways, just wanted to pass along a story that happened to me yesterday. I was trying to make it to our local farmer’s market that closed in 10 minutes, when I saw an SUV in a turning lane with a guy standing behind it. “Oh that’s a bummer,” I thought. It looked like his car had broke down. “Gee, I’d pull over and help, except what’s a 5’4” 140 lb girl in flip flops going to be able to do? Besides, I’ve got my little guy in the back seat and I’m running late. I’m sure he’s got it handled.”

That’s when your blog post last week popped into my head and I knew I couldn’t NOT at least try to help. I quickly pulled into a parking lot, left my van running with my little guy inside and ran out into the busy intersection to help. Long story short, I became the “driver” to steer the vehicle uphill into a parking lot. I helped the guy out and went on my way.

So just wanted to thank you for passing along your awesomeness! Aren’t blogs amazing???

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Liz Monroe,
Waterloo, Iowa


So awesome. Thank you so much for sending this to me Liz! It really meant the world.


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3 thoughts on “just another post about why i love blogging so much!

  1. I completely think it so distasteful for you to leave another comment on someone else’s blog that reads: “To read another awesome “blogging rocks” post go HERE!” DON’T GIVE YOURSELF THAT MUCH CREDIT!!! Let your readers decide!! How inconsiderate and rude!! Karma’s a “*&*)Y&ch

    Get your own following!! and don’t comment on other blogs just so people will look at yours…(Share your work with family and friends and let it go from there)… (Network!!!))… but your TAGLINE IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!

  2. Hi NOT COOL. Do you want to know what’s NOT COOL? The fact that you left a fake email address. Do you want to know what else is NOT COOL? The fact that you have no idea what you’re talking about! You must have seen the PING BACK from where I linked to Lyndsay’s blog! I was not writing a comment on her blog at all, it was showing how I linked to HER! So what I wrote, if you can see for yourself in my actual post above, is that SHE had an awesome post! Please understand blogging better before leaving a nasty comment on my blog.

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