kate’s half birthday

We don’t celebrate half birthday’s in our family except for Bailey and I guess someday Grayson… but then it’s just cupcakes at school since they have summer birthdays. And you know, having cupcakes on your birthday at school is a REALLY big deal!

But a couple of weeks ago we went to the zoo with our best friends to help celebrate Kate’s half birthday! Angie was great at making it a special day for Kate and of course my kids are all about doing anything with the MacBryde’s so we were in! We started with donuts at a tiny hole in the wall donut shop in the city…

Once they were covered in chocolate we headed to the zoo!

We were only there a little while as I had two sessions later that day but the kids had a blast! Besides the INSANE heat we had a blast too! Just some photos from one of the kid’s favorite places at the zoo…

Kelsey wasn’t so sure!

Angie’s face totally cracks me up behind Gray! HA!

HA! That’s better!

Bailey and Kate are just the best of friends! I’m so glad I’m here to document their friendship as I’m sure they’ll be friends for life!

This is my favorite! Chris and Parker talking about something and C being a good husband and holding my wallet so I can take photos!

Kelsey… still unsure! :)

I am framing this one somewhere in our house! Angie loves my kids as much as we do and vice versa! Having friends like this in our life is the biggest blessing we could ever have asked for!

Thanks for letting us celebrate Kate turning 5.5! We love you guys!

5 thoughts on “kate’s half birthday

  1. Thanks SO much for posting about Kate’s half birthday! I promise we haven’t previously made a big deal of half bdays, but Kate’s had ‘middle kid’ syndrome lately and this trip to the zoo — with the Allens — lifted her spirits immediately:). And, the post and expert photos are incredible since Kate’s daddy was out of town for this awesome day of fun. Thanks, Allens, for making this day all about Kate and friendship. We’ll never forget it!

  2. The wonderful friendship you all share is also a blessing to the “grandparent” generation. Such a blessing to know you all are loved and to get to love 3 more beautiful girls, there wonderful parents (Kevin and Angie) and share all this with the best grand-daddy and JoJo in the world.

  3. Gray looks like such a little man! He is growing fast.
    Tell Chris- Dale has that exact wallet…. :)

  4. Oh man! @Amy…you are right, Gray looks SO grown up in these pictures for some reason. He’s going to be a heartbreaker!

  5. Wow Grayson is betting so big! But still as handsome as ever :) It looks like you all had a lovely day.

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