three little birds.

Of course that’s the title of a great great song HERE but it’s also what’s happening at my in-law’s house… in this little tree on their front porch…

See the nest in there?

Well last week while C was over with the kids a storm blew the nest out of the tree and three little birds came tumbling out. Luckily, my super smart biology teaching husband knew that you should quickly put them back and OH BESTILL MY HEART he saved the birds!

These super cute little birds!

Aren’t they adorable?

And the old stories of leaving birds alone that fall out of nests because the momma bird won’t come back?

Big old fat wives tale!

Because you see this momma bird?

It is taking excellent care of its babies!

See the delicious meal she brought home?

This was shot through the window b/c when we walked outside the mom got nervous and we wanted to make sure those hungry babies got their dinner!

The kids are obsessed with watching these babies and what a neat way for them to learn about nature!

happy birthday gray!

Today Grayson turned TWO!

Do you know what that means?

I am out of babies.

And you know what?

I’m really, surprisingly, happy about it!

Happy birthday Bubba! We LOVE you little man!

I will write more later about what he’s into right now and how we celebrated his birthday today! But right now I’m going to collapse into bed after a full day of birthday AND shooting a wedding! Mama is TIRED!

do you have any idea what today is?

If you have a soccer player in your life than you do!


All that means to me is that Chris is in front of the TV as often as he can be watching soccer. And it means all we will talk about is soccer. But really, as if that’s anything new in my life!

Luckily, I really like the World Cup. And I love the story behind this year’s cup. Taking place in South Africa. Watch Invictus and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

The other thing we’ve been doing around here is watching this video below at least 10 times a day! Gray calls it “watch ball” and the girls literally know every word in the song by heart. It’s also one of the songs I run to everyday b/c if I don’t listen to it it’s still running through my head anyway! HA!


at 186lbs I am learning again how to sweat.


Did I just put my weight as the post title?


Because what is there to be ashamed of?

In five and a half years I have gotten married, had 3 kids, moved cross country twice, started a business, created a new business, supported my husband’s career, done a lot of charity work and LIVED.

And I don’t regret any of it! I don’t regret the late night Mnt Dews to keep me up and editing, I don’t regret the ice cream trips with the kids or the dinners out with friends or the popcorn at the movies or finishing the Halloween candy. I don’t regret that I quit coaching lacrosse or quit running every day.

I can’t.

Because that’s my life. And through the ups and downs I really love my life. There were just times, years in a row really, that survival was more important than my health.

And now at 186lbs it is time for a change.

Because I am officially 40lbs heavier than I was 5 and a half years ago. Which means I’m putting on just under 10lbs a year. And I don’t want to gain any more.

But I don’t believe in diets. Never have. Never will. I’ve never dieted in my life actually. I truly believe that diets cause failure. No matter how religious you are you can’t stick to a diet FOREVER.

So I’m not dieting.

I’m not even really changing how I eat.

No, I’m starting with sweat.

Massive amounts of sweat that runs down my back, drips in my eyes and beads up on my forehead. To achieve this amount of sweat I am walking for 25 minutes and then running for 10.

Every day.

And although my overly heavy body is protesting a bit, I feel it starting to come around. Like riding a bike. It’s starting to remember how good this kind of sweat feels. And how proud it is when it’s done each day. And how strong it will get eventually.

I am also drinking a boat load of water. Just finished my third glass of the day actually!

And yes.

Oh yes.

I am cutting back on soda.

This week i am allowing myself 2 sodas a day but I am not allowed to order ANY MORE from Imo’s. They make getting my fix too easy. And then next week I’m down to one.

And I think I’ll stay at one a day b/c cutting soda out completely is like dieting, it’s unrealistic for my busy life. And if I have a bad day and drink three. Whatever.

It’s all about steps I think.

Making small steps to create big change.

Truly, if the weight never comes off but I FEEL better I will feel successful. And happy.

And right now? I’m really loving the sweat!

the day sam got sick.

So last Friday Bailey came down with a virus that then ripped through our family hitting each one of us. Abbie got in town on Sunday with her kids.

And for days we just kept waiting for Sam to get sick! Or little Avery!

But by Wednesday she still was fine and although Parker still wasn’t 100% we decided to take the girls to the Zoo (Gray was super sick and home with Daddy). So Grandma, Abbie, Bailey, Parker, Sam, Avery and I all headed down to the Zoo! First though we had to stop at The Muny so my mom could pick up her season tickets and we took a few photos…

So after ten minutes of photos we hopped in the car and drove to the zoo. Where we paid $11 to park so we could be close to the entrance. And as Abbie was getting Sam out of her car seat she says, “Jod, do you think Sam feels warm?”

Um. Not warm. HOT.

So we put all the kids back in their car seats and headed back home!

And Sam’s fever went straight up to 104!

But luckily it was short lived and within 24 hours she was ok again so it doesn’t look like she caught the same bug my kids had (that came with blisters in their throat)!

sam&avery are in town!

My sister and her family have been in town the last week and 90% of the time we’ve had SICK SICK SICK kids. Even Sam got it! But the other day we decided that even though Sam and Gray had fevers, we’d load them up with Tylenol and let them play with water in the shade on my parent’s deck. If all the kids were sick anyway what did it matter if they were around each other you know? So for an hour or so, before the little ones started to really not feel good, the kids got to play together!

My kids like to spit apparently!

Avery is ALWAYS smiling! She is the perfect little girl to round out our 5 cousins under 5!

When Abbie and I have the kids all out somewhere together people always GASP and make sure they don’t all belong to just one of us! HA!

We LOVE spending time with our cousins!

to make me smile.

i have a little group of online photog friends that mean the world to me. we talk, we email, we chat, we vent, we share, we celebrate. it’s awesome.

they are lyndsay, tami, bridget, betsy and of course kim.

and they got together to send me a gift to make me smile.

see that necklace with MY kids on it?

thanks girls.

it made me smile. after a LONG week of SICK in our house AGAIN. it was just what i needed.

to buy your own go HERE.


edited to add: the other necklace is a combination of random things… the cross i got eons ago from my dad, the 3 peas in a pod are from C’s mom and the peas are black pearls, the single pearl is from my girl friends and the tiny boot is something i bought myself to remember to kick ass every day! HA!