Chris has had two solid days of workshops for Webster… yesterday he was gone for 13 hours and today about 9. And let’s just say that I had my FILL of whining crabby kids yesterday so this morning I knew I needed a PLAN!

I googled “berry picking, St. Louis” and found THIS site. Within 15 minutes of finding it we were dressed and on our way!

It was a 40 minute drive (both ways!)  and we only picked for about 30 minutes but it was worth it to see how excited Bailey was! Gray didn’t get it and/or had no interest and Parker just didn’t like all the bugs but Bailey LOVED it! I think this will be our last summer of always wishing we had a sitter for Grayson while we’re out having our adventures… he’s still always just a little bit too little. And let’s just mention that at 8am it was already 90 degrees! So it was HOT out there in the blazing sun!

But we made it out with 4 containers of raspberries and all for under $10! I wish we hadn’t of missed strawberry season because I would call this a very successful, whine-free, adventure! We will definitely be looking for other farms to visit this summer!

We got home, rinsed them and I gave each kid a bowl of berries and a bowl of whipped cream for dipping! The perfect late morning snack!

5 thoughts on “raspberries.

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  2. So fun!!! My kids love love love raspberries. I think they are the most beautiful fruit. I have been shooting them as part of my “fresh” assignment. Peaches are also in season at Eckerts.

  3. Oh, wow! I think that is right by my house!I checked out the site and it said to call on Monday and I think I’ll do just that! L LOVES raspberries and we have only been able to get them once at our produce stand. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Love it! Raspberries aren’t ripe here yet but we have strawberries for a little while yet. I’m planning to take the kids next week. We picked raspberries once (in the pouring rain) last summer and it was such fun! This year I’m going to try to hit every crop. Are blueberries ready in St. Louis yet?

  5. Need to try that. I’m an Apple picking in the fall type of person. Can’t wait to go out to Eckert’s in Millstadt this fall.

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