there she sat. crying.

In the middle of a huge intersection. The first in line on Lindbergh at Big Bend. Cars honking. Fingers flying. Anger blaring. And I drove past her too, frustrated that my errands were being slowed down as my kids whined in the back. So I passed her in her little silver bug, but as I did, I turned to look at her face as she wiped a tear and tried to look strong.

So even though I was on my way to the last errand of the afternoon with a screaming toddler and a cranky preschooler I turned around and went back. I parked my car, left the kids and walked boldly into the middle of chaos to help. I asked her if she thought we could push it by ourselves. Her gratitude was radiating as she said she thought we could.

But then she released her brake and my flip flops were sliding and the car started rolling downhill and I couldn’t do it by myself. I yelled for her to stop. Defeated, I stood there as a one-armed man (I could seriously not make this up) stopped his truck and came to help. He and I pushing with all our might when out of nowhere another man, a stronger man, took up our slack and we were able to move her car into a parking lot.

I’m telling you this because I thought of you.

My family. Our friends. This blogworld.

I thought of you and the kindness we can never repay and I turned around. And I helped an embarrassed and scared girl. No more than 23. Even though I was in a hurry and even though my kids were screaming in the car and even though I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

But I thought of you and I just tried. And because I tried a one-armed man knew he could try too. And then the guy who had been standing in the window of the store with 3 other strong men just watching and not helping decided he could try too. And together we did it. We helped.

I sent out a handful of thank you cards and have about 60 left to go. I may finish them one day or I may just give the carefully designed cards to the kids to color on. And whether you got two cards because I forgot I’d sent one and instead sent two or whether you never get one at all, please know, please know that I will never forget.

And whenever there is something I can do for someone else I will. Because of what you all did for us last month.

Thank you.

15 thoughts on “there she sat. crying.

  1. inspirational … i think that is called the power of 1 … you made a difference – and led the way to others making a difference too. THAT is powerful. Bless You.

  2. Thank you for sharing! i bet she’ll pass it on too. And now everyone who reads your blog will be inspired as well.

  3. So well put. Isn’t it wonderful how people change our lives and enable us to change the lives of others. I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone – no one needs your thank you cards. Your gratitude shines forth in the way you live your life. God is blessing you and others through you.

  4. Sometimes it is not about saying thank you to the person who offered you help when you needed it. Sometimes it is just about paying it forward. Thank you.

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