this month. two years ago.

I recently started going through old files on my computer b/c I’m using a new online back-up service for our family photos. I’m also starting to create our 2008 and 2009 family albums as well so I have spent some random late night hours sorting through old family photos… laughing at lots, crying at some and loving every single one of them! Mostly they suck photography-wise but it doesn’t bother me in the least. I had a crappy camera back then, i had crappier lenses and was still learning a lot. I also never think of my family as clients so usually I just snap and don’t worry about focus or composition like I normally do and I certainly don’t edit them like I do client images… but that’s ok! They are just snapshots of our life and I THANK GOD I took my camera out as much as I did because looking back I caught our life. The big and small moments. All of it. And I will continue to do so until the day I can’t hold a camera in my hands anymore!

So here’s a look back at June 2008!

Oh the early summer of 2008. Grayson was born. Parker was one and Bailey was two. We had three kids in diapers. Potty training started. Chris was home a lot. We spent hours and hours on our back screened-in porch playing with the water table and frozen cups of toys. We painted a lot. Spent lots of time in diapers. Grayson nursed 23 hours a day (or so it felt). We cuddled in our big bed reading books and watching movies. We were overwhelmed. Money was tight. My business was growing. And I showed my stretch marks to the world!

At the time it felt busy. And full. And it was. But it was also slow and simple. Sweet. I was more present, because I had to be. All three kids needed me more. Which was hard, but I can already see how I will miss that as they continue to grow. I’ve always tried my best to stop and enjoy our life, and I think I did.

This was a beautiful time. So so beautiful.

6 thoughts on “this month. two years ago.

  1. What wonderful memories! I love them. I don’t even know the stories behind them, but they made me laugh and smile.
    I am always looking for the best way to back up our memories… I take tons of photos. They’re not always great, but they are records of our lives :) Would you mind sharing what service you are using to back up your personal files?

  2. One of my favorite posts…. ever… I love the beauty and the realness. I believe the one of Chris and Grayson is good enough for a big print…. Love it!

  3. i miss parkers “smile”! so funny. and may the original sheep rest in peace… wherever it may be!

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