crazy proud of my sister.

A while back my sister, Abbie, and I were having a conversation about how she’s not quite feeling satisfied with her life. She LOVES her work but can’t find a good job and also has two little girls to take care of at home right now. And I think she just felt kind of stuck.

My advice was to trick herself into thinking she was working. Ultimately, she just needed something to be passionate about not to really make money. So after a few conversations the idea of a blog came up…

Anyway, I can’t take the credit… I might have helped with some of the ideas but really, this is hers. And it’s going to be awesome. She’s committing to blog every day about how she’s teaching her girls to love the earth. Her girls are 2 and almost 6 months… so coming up with an idea every single day is going to be tough… but teaching her girls to love what she loves will be easy. Abbie oozes knowledge about nature. She doesn’t say, “look at the birdie!” she says “look Sam, it’s a red horned double hoot owl” or whatever! HA!

I am really excited to watch this journey unfold and I hope you guys all follow along too!


One thought on “crazy proud of my sister.

  1. Good job boosting your sister, but your nieces name is Sam not Same! Ha! So proud of all my girls

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