“Mommy! We’re going to the Carnival game!”

Parker just could NOT get “Cardinals game” to not come out “Carnival game” the other night when we took the girls to their first pro-baseball game… and it really made the whole night perfect! The other cute thing was that Bailey kept singing “Take me out to the ballgame” and there were a lot of older men sitting around us who clapped each time she finished! She was BEAMING! And she kept singing, “buy me some peanut butter and cracker jacks…” which just cracked us all up!

This summer has been full of some amazing “firsts” for our family. And one Chris and I had really been looking forward to was taking the girls to their first Cardinals game! We were gifted some INCREDIBLE seats (THANK YOU W. FAMILY!) just about 10 seats up from the field so the girls were really able to see everything which helped keep their attention. It was a 7pm game which meant when it started we were already at bedtime but they were troopers making it until the start of the 6th inning and then a 30 minute Metro Link ride home hitting the pillow at 10pm!

It was a last minute call to take the Metro down there and although it added a lot of travel time it was worth it b/c the girls just think it’s SO cool to ride the “train”!

Such a stinker!

We got to the park a little late but there were still people steaming in so we didn’t feel so bad and although Chris almost killed me (LIVE the moment and stop CAPTURING the moment is his mantra these days!) I made the girls pause for a photo to commemorate their first Cards experience!

(Abbie… Parker’s shirt is totally being passed down to your girls! HA!)

Do you notice the “silly bands” (that’s what the girls call them but I have no idea what they’re actually called as we’ve bought several brands)? They are the trend of the summer at our house thanks to an older cousin we saw in June that had them practically up to her elbow! The girls are obsessed!

I can’t wait because some day they will see their photos with all those rubber bands and go, “Oh my gosh that is SO 2010!”

My FIVE year old who gives me this CHEESE smile every time I turn the camera on her… drives me a bit crazy but it is SO her right now I still love it!

See how close we are? That was taken with my 50mm 1.4 lens! No zooming!

I got these on sale for Gray to grow into but they were perfect for Parker! And she didn’t fight me that they aren’t PINK! A true miracle these days!

The girls favorite part of the night was the peanuts (I bought ahead of time to save money!) and the frozen lemonade we bought for them at the game! If only we’d let them have the ice cream and cotton candy they wanted too they might have been wired enough to see the end of the awesome (and winning!) game!

Thanks again to our friends that gifted us these amazing tickets! We can’t wait to take Gray… and may try before the summer is over since he will sit still SIT STILL and watch baseball on TV! If my 2 year old can sit still watching one of the more boring sports on TV he’ll die to see it in person!

I have SO much more to share from our summer still! I’m drowning in client edits so my personal stuff takes a backseat but I did want to get these up. Be back soon with the details about our summer scrapbook where we are keeping all of these awesome memories!

5 thoughts on ““Mommy! We’re going to the Carnival game!”

  1. I say this all the time but… can I have your kids?! Please!! They have the most amazing personalities by the sounds of it. I love Parker’s expressions, they always crack me up! Their outfits are too cute!! Looks like you all had a lovely time :)

  2. Just found out about those braclets from the hs kids here!

    Your kids are all looking so much older lately!

  3. Not sure whether I’m in love more with B’s cheesy smile that is so her right now, or P’s scrunch nosed faces! Love them! Glad you had a good time!

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