my favorite images from the 4th.

We spent two days and one night at the Allen family lake house at Indian Hills Lake in Cuba, MO this weekend. We’ve been spending lots of time down there this summer actually so the kids now feel totally comfortable there and just LOVE it! But it’s always best when the whole family gets together and this weekend was no exception. We moved home from Spokane, WA almost 4 years ago so that we could have weekends like this.

And these images tell the whole story.

These just make me so happy! And reiterate our decision to move home. Family. It all comes back to family. And I love our two families!

I have lots more images I’ll share soon.. I actually have a ton of fun things to share from June too… this summer is turning out to be FULL OF FUN for our family and I haven’t been able to keep up with the editing and blogging of it all!

ALSO, this week is a BIG week for us! I have 3 sessions tomorrow, a full day of volunteer sessions on Wednesday and Thursday BAILEY TURNS FIVE! Don’t get me started on how much this birthday is effecting me! My baby is turning five and heading off to school this year! Anyway, then we have her big party on Sunday so this week is jam packed! I will try to keep up with it all here as best as I can!

Hope you all had terrific weekends!

One thought on “my favorite images from the 4th.

  1. I am so grateful to have you all so close to us. Every day with you is like Christmas morning! Our family is blessed!

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