I am so so so so so far behind in blogging my family. It makes me sad but I’ve decided that my goal for August is to blog every day so that I can catch up and get back in the groove. I love blogging. Love it. In fact I truly believe in it as well. But once you get behind it’s hard to get back on the horse and catch up you know?

So in an attempt to stop worrying about whether I’m blogging in order or that I’ve got cute photos to include or that I’m being equal for all my kids, I’m just going to post a little iPhone video from tonight that cracks me up!

I got home from a super long day at work and C was still at the pool with the kids. So I picked up the house and got dinner ready… when the kids got home we stripped them down and I served dinner. I had a table full of nudies and Gray was in rare form just being silly and making Bailey and Parker totally crack up! Chris and I were laughing just as hard through most of it too!

Oh this kid. He can be SUCH A STINKER but then he turns around and hams it up so much you have to laugh or asks to cuddle or “hold you” to melt your heart. I never knew being the mom to a BOY could be SO MUCH FUN!

One thought on “tonight.

  1. So cute! They are soooo fun at this age. We are daily amazed by Ethan’s wit, and it looks like Gray’s right in there!! Ethan says that, too “hold you, mommy”.

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