The Kindy update and OH YEAH I do have other kids!

I KNOW this blog has become all BAILEY THIS and BAILEY THAT but DUDE! Kindergarten isĀ  a big deal. It just is. And Parker starting preschool on her own for the first time? Big deal too but doesn’t happen until after Labor Day. Dumb preschool and not starting when other schools start! And Gray? Bat. Ball. That about sums him up! HA!

SO anyway.

I have to tell you about today after school. Because it will go down in history as hysterical to me. And melt my heart happy too.

I’m standing on the playground waiting for Bails to come walking cautiously out of school, spot me, tell her teacher and then come charging full speed towards me… the best part of my day hands down… and today she comes walking out HOLDING HANDS with another little girl. I walk over to them b/c HER NEW FRIEND hadn’t spotted her mom yet and Bailey wasn’t letting go of her hand so they were just standing by their teacher. I ask NEW FRIEND her name and before I can tell her I’m Bailey’s Mommy she says, “Can Bailey go to the football game with us?”


Not sure what to say when luckily she spots her mom and runs over separating from Bailey. So I grab Bails hand and walk over to the other mom and am about to introduce myself when out of nowhere C comes and grabs Bails up spinning her around! He surprised both of us by being there! Love that man. So we get distracted by Daddy but I am NOT about to let NEW FRIEND leave without me talking to her mom! So I walk back over and start chatting.

Which is really hard for me b/c although I act all out going when I’m working I am actually painfully shy sometimes!

Long story short, Chris ends up knowing MY NEW FRIEND’s older daughters from soccer camps this summer and BOOM! Instant connection! We all stood around chatting and in the midst of it Bailey and her NEW FRIEND were off playing until she comes over and asks me for a pen.

She takes it and proceeds to write our entire phone number on the back of NEW FRIEND’s work so NEW FRIEND can call her! HA! I wrote it again so her mom could decipher it but really it was damn good I thought! Totally cracked me up that they exchanged numbers!

But the BEST part? At 7pm Bailey gets her first phone call from a school friend! Bailey is holding the phone and listening but suddenly cuts her off and goes, “NEW FRIEND, I have NO idea what you’re saying to me!” HA! I about died! So she hands me the phone and I talk to her mom to figure out what’s going on…. are you ready?

BAILEY HAS HER FIRST PLAYDATE! This Friday she’ll go home to NEW FRIEND’s house to play for a few hours!!! OMG I almost cried I was so excited! And I swear Bailey will be talking NON-STOP about this until then!

Sweet Parker says to me as Bailey is jumping up and down… “Mommy, can I have a friend?”


My heart fell back into my stomach and I will now be worrying about her until school starts for her in a couple weeks. Girl needs a friend! And now she has to watch Bailey being SO excited! Parker’s best friend is Bailey. She’s never had a friend her own age. And I guess I’ve never really realized that until today. So September will be operation: Get Parker a Friend Month! Anyone out there with a 3 year old girl who’s also friendless? Playdate anyone?

And in other news, Gray did his first big art project today at GoGo’s and it is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen! Him and Parker each made a turtle using a rock, googly eyes and large popcicle sticks! So awesome! They are proudly on display in our living room.

Gray is also talking up a storm and we are officially taking the paci away this weekend. I think. It’ll be a rough few nights and I need C’s help so the weekend it is. Why hadn’t I thought of this a month ago when I had Chris home all the time? UGH!

That’s it for tonight!

5 thoughts on “The Kindy update and OH YEAH I do have other kids!

  1. i’m pretty sure my first friend in kindergarten at edgar road was made because we both went to the football game! i love webster.

  2. I love this story!!! So cute!!!! Grayson started Kindergarten too. Our first day was MUCH better than last year when he started Pre-K. It’s always a plus when I don’t have to chase my child down the street and then drag him back to the school while we’re both bawling our eyes out and everybody outside is staring. ;)

  3. Your kids sound so funny! ”Gray? Bat. Ball. That about sums him up!” This cracked me up! I have a neice the exact same age as Parker but seeing as I am in the UK, slight problem for playdates! Penpals?! LOL! Parker will have friends in no time, no worries!

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