30 minutes of my afternoon.

Gray has had diarrhea all day and his bottom is a hot mess. Red, itchy and raw. Open sores. SO all day I’ve been doing kitchen sink baths and letting him soak in baking soda+water. Then I would let him run around naked for as long as I could to dry it out. And it is working slowly but surely!

So this afternoon he had just gotten out of the sink and was in a towel watching Little League on ESPN when I got a call from a client. I went in my office and 5 minutes later he comes walking in with poop dripping down his legs. Naked. Of course I get off the phone FAST and find drops and puddles of liquid poo from the family room to my office.

I get him cleaned up, the house cleaned up and while he watched me he peed.

SO I clean THAT up and put him on the potty where he poops in the potty! (Hear in my voice that this was the highlight of my 30 minutes!)

Then I find some big boy underwear someone passed down to us and think WHY THE HELL NOT just start potty training right now? I’m two accidents in, I might as well!

I ask him if he wants to sit on the potty again and he RUNS in front of me to the upstairs potty and before I can get there he’s holding up a dripping tennis ball and is saying “ball in potty!” with a HUGE smile.

And as I am washing his hands (and my hands for the one millionth time) at the sink from the toilet ball he pees. Seriously. How could I make this up?

————————— On a less disgusting note ————————-

I SUCK at dinner. Like SUCK. Tonight we had rice a roni, frozen broccoli, apple slices and chicken strips and they all thought it was a gourmet meal! HA! At least I have efficiently lowered my family’s dinner expectations!

Anyway, when I came across THIS site I about died! They plan your meals AND give you a shopping list AND it’s endorsed by Dave Ramsey? Where can I sign?

So I did. I signed up for 3 months for all of $15 and I hope it will be my cure for last minute crap dinners and too much fast food when I don’t want to cook!


7 thoughts on “30 minutes of my afternoon.

  1. I am so curious to hear how the emealz thing works out. That looks like such a good idea and would solve exactly what my problem is. I go to the grocery store and end up coming home with a bunch of stuff and still no idea what to have for dinner!

  2. I use e-mealz too! And we LOVE it! We don’t always use all their meals every week, because we are a bit more picky than some things they put, but we usually use 2 or 3 a week, and that’s still a success in my eyes! =) Let us know how you like it!

  3. As I have come to learn (the hard way), it’s a meal, not an event. Take whatever helps, hints and shortcuts you are comfortable with. It’s just a meal.

    For Gray, I’d recommend Beaudreaux’s Butt Paste or a tube of goo you have to request from the Pharmacist (but isn’t a perscription) is Calmoseptin. It won’t stop his runny buns, but will make them a whole lot more comfortable.

  4. 1. I LOVE your story about Gray. It’s just too perfect! You have to laugh or you’d cry, right?

    2. THANK YOU for linking e-mealz! I just signed up. We have been wanting to try meatless recipes but it’s been intimidating, so I signed up for the vegetarian plan and I’m so excited!

  5. I don’t know if it will help with open sores but I swear by zinc oxide. Everytime I have ever used it on diaper rashes, they literally heal in a day. I look for straight zinc oxide at least around 20%. Available at your local drug store for around $5.

    Also check out Spark People. It’s a free online weight loss website. I don’t use all the stuff that it has to offer but what I find really helpful is the email articles and daily recipes. When I get a recipe that sounds like my family may it eat, I just save it.

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