I swear this isn’t becoming the BAILEY blog but now that exciting things are happening at the Allen household and I’m on a blogging streak I don’t want to stop! It just happens that most of what’s happening has to do with Bails!

And today was yet ANOTHER first!

Her first soccer practice! She’s playing Kindergarten soccer with her BFF Kate which makes me happy b/c they go to different schools now so it’s great for them to see each other during the week… and chatting with MY BFF on the sidelines isn’t too bad either! Especially since now that she’s a grade school veteran (her oldest is in 2nd grade) she can walk me through all these trials!

Here is Bailey and Kate..

Is there anything cuter than pink+black Adidas cleats and XS shin guards? I think not!

Love the girls in their soccer back packs! They are SO cool with dads that coach!

The other bonus is getting to see my buddy Kelsey!

Who is willing to share her snack with me! This kid is my fave!

And Lauren, the eldest of our gang of six kids got the group of siblings playing in the dirt during practice! Thanks Lauren! :)

I will quickly get over wanting my kids to be clean all the time! HA!

Bailey had a blast although was EXHAUSTED getting home at 5:30pm for the day! Quick dinner, bath and she was sound asleep by 7:15pm!

And today she had a great day again at school! She WON hot potato which she was super excited about but said she didn’t play with anyone. Moms… when do you worry about your kid making new friends? Does it work itself out in Kindergarten or do you need to start arranging playdates? I’m not good at playdates so that kind of freaks me out (I just have NO time usually). She said the friend she made yesterday played with different kids so she played by herself. Do I ask the teacher? Am I worrying too much? Not that I care if she’s popular or anything but I’d like her to have friends and enjoy school! Thoughts? Advice?


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  1. Jodie-
    It will work itself out I promise!! Just keep remembering that all these wonderful students she is in class with, are also NEW to everything around them!! All of them need to find a comfort level in the classroom before close bonds can be made. It doesn’t matter if the students have friends coming in with them or not, their first closet bond will be with their chair and desk! Once that is bonded, you will be denying playdates to parents because Bailey will have so many!
    You’re in my prayers! It will be a great year for you!!
    Slow down and enjoy it!

  2. Gosh…that would break my heart too!! Trey used to tell me he ‘played alone’ but when I’d sneak to school to watch or ask his teachers – he was always playing with other kids. I do think it’s tougher as they get older. But I think I’d give it a couple weeks and if she doesn’t feel like she’s ‘naturally’ making new pals – I’d arrange a couple playdates. I do think those help.

  3. I went through the same thing last year with my daughter. She’s very shy and told me she plays by herself. I would talk to the teacher and she would tell me everything was fine. We did play dates but Lillie is a loner. She just wasn’t there yet. Now that she’s in first grade, things are changing (already on day 2). She even got her first friend phone call tonight.

  4. Peyton does that to me all the time. She’ll be in 2nd grade this year, and she would tell me constantly throughout Kindy and 1st grade that she “didn’t play with anyone”. But then she’d go on to say that she played house with so-and-so and played dinosaurs with so-and-so and all sorts of other stuff. Her teachers were also very ressuring that — even though she doesn’t have one single BEST FRIEND — she gets along with everyone and makes friends/plays well with boys and girls in all the different classes. I learned pretty quickly that if she comes home happy and excited about school (which has been 100% of the time so far), to just not worry about it. Sounds to me like Bailey is having a great time…she’ll make friends soon enough! I think it’s nice when they can just roam around and be happy to play with anyone and everyone. :c)

  5. Yup, my kids all like to tell me they didn’t play with anyone. Sometimes that’s true, but mostly it’s not. My oldest is really shy, and I’ve always felt that every class she’s been in has been a good mix of outgoing and timid kids. And yes, I do have to tell myself to relax ALOT…none of my kids have ever been sad to play on their own, so I’m trying to foster that and not make them feel like they have to be part of a group to be happy. That does NOT come easy for me, because I want to be included in EVERYTHING!! Also, I think that you’ll know if something is really wrong–she is too young to hide her feelings, so she’ll show it if she’s upset. I’m sad our kids didn’t end up at the same school, but I think she’s doing GREAT–way to go Bailey!

  6. Give it time! I took Grayson to a birthday party on Saturday and was watching him. He’d play with a kid, play by himself awhile, play with a different kid, play by himself. He said he had a blast! They’ll all get used to each other in class and she’ll make lots of friends. No worries. :)

  7. Loved this series of photo’s! Bailey is gorgeous! She will have plenty of good friends in no time, don’t worry Jodie!

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