we ALL survived today.

Did I cry on and off all day today? Why yes I did. But I survived and now am excited, TRULY excited, to see where this year takes us! I’ve been up since 4:30am and am beat. So instead of rambling on about how proud I am of Bailey on her first day here are the ONLY snap shots I was able to grab!

When we first got to her classroom she was excited to sit and “work” but as the minutes ticked down she got more and more nervous.

When the bell rang letting the parents know it was time to go and let school start she got teary. Wiping her eyes furiously. Staying so brave. So as I melted down inside I hugged her tight and said goodbye. Then I popped on my sunglasses and cried all the way home.

And it took me a few hours until I could even say the words “she started crying” without tears flooding my eyes. But tonight I feel good and tired and happy that the first thing she said to me as she came running outside was “Mommy! I made a friend today!” I prayed ALL day that God would protect her and hold her and give her strength and help her make friends. Tonight I just keep praising God that He is good and Bailey’s day was incredible!

These are the only ones I got as she came out of school b/c I was so excited to see her I forgot I had my camera! The settings were set from shooting inside earlier in the day so ignore the BAD photography!

Chris had his first day of school today too so he couldn’t take Bails to school this morning… but he left early to make sure he was there when she walked outside! It couldn’t have made either Bailey or I more happy to have him there!

My parents, C’s mom, my nieces and of course Gray and Parker were supposed to be there to pick her up as well but in their hurry to get there my dad got pulled over! HA! So we met up with our friends the MacBrydes and ALL of us had snocones to celebrate the first day of school!

And now, I’m going to go pass out so I can do it all again tomorrow! Minus the tears!

8 thoughts on “we ALL survived today.

  1. Just bury me alive! My sweet Bailey so big. I just want to freeze her in time. I miss her so much already. She was so proud to show us her classroom and introduce us to her teacher. Bailey is a pure blessing. I love her madly!

  2. Jodie! I am so very happy to hear her first day was a success. Although I still have two years until kindergarten, Mads starts preschool in a few weeks and I am a flood of emotions, many the same as yours. What an amazing day you captured! Love it.

    (Also, I want to know where you got Bail’s t-shirt… totally awesome!)


  3. It is hard for me to believe this first day has come and gone and the second one is coming to an end for Miss B. Hope Mart and Kelsey saw this post about Edgar Rd. School, it should bring back memories for them too. Jod, you and C are great parents. Always remember the time you spend hugging, loving, doing can never be replaced, it flies away fast.

  4. Oh you sweet, sweet mommy! I love you so much! Awwwwww, this breaks my heart, but oh wow, how amazing to see kids grow! Man, I can’t belive how fast I’ll be there too!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Awww, what a great series of photos to remember such an important milestone! I LOVE the bracelets Bailey is wearing, I cant remember what they are called!!!! Please share!

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