anyone wondering how it is living with my in-laws?

I know you are! I know you’re DYING to know how it’s going and I hate to tell you that it’s going exactly as I expected… great.

By 8am most of us are up and out the door and gone all day which is nice so that I’m not worried about the house being a wreck all the time, because I would worry about that to some extent. And the evenings are great because Terri has been doing a lot of the cooking which takes a HUGE load off my shoulders! Not to mention just having someone here with me since mostly I’m by myself with the kids at night. Having someone do dinner or dishes or even do nothing but be here to chat is such a blessing!

The best part? Terri and I watch tv together at night while I work! Usually C is in our bedroom working or messing around on the internet… he’s not a tv watcher at all… so now I have someone to watch all my shows with and chat while we watch! So awesome!

The hard part is that Parker is allergic to the dogs, and they have two Golden Retrievers, so I’m still worried about her all the time… but so far so good and no huge asthma attacks at all. I’m trying to keep up with vacuuming the house each day but have failed and only vacuumed a few times. I’m giving myself a break this week though b/c Grayson hasn’t slept well at all and we’re both up numerous times each night… so on NO sleep (4 hours the last 5 nights) and still unpacking+packing and getting settled and working out our new life… just giving myself one big old fat BREAK!

Truly though, it’s good. And it’s forcing me to look at every single thing we own and wonder how much we need it b/c living mostly in two bedrooms has us downsized in a HUGE way. Which is awesome in so many ways. We all have TOO MUCH CRAP and I like that we’re getting down to the bare essentials… I think it’s a great lesson for the kids too! I’ve cut all of our wardrobes by at least half, cut the toys, my crafts, etc. It’ll feel good to move into a new house with only things we LOVE and NEED!

I do worry a little about the kids… this is a BIG change and I can tell it’s effecting them in different ways. Bailey is wanting more “private” time with me to talk about things (which I love so I’m ok with this change!), Parker’s allergies aren’t great so I’m watching her medicine and symptoms super close and Gray isn’t sleeping well. BUT. In no time I know this will feel like home and they’ll settle in perfectly. There is so much love in this house it is only good for them. Not to mention, they’re at my parent’s most days too so they are just being loved on all the time.

I think it’s all about finding our new normal. Getting fully out of our old house will help, starting to see major changes in our bank account will be HUGE motivation for C and I and settling in here with our own things more. It’s a change. For all of us. I mean can you even imagine how Bill and Terri feel? To have all five of us invade their house? And all they’ve been is gracious and welcoming. And happy to have us!

The second we all get totally used to it here we’ll be ready to start house hunting! And THAT is what we’re all really dreaming of…finding our PERMANENT home. Our HOME.

I can’t wait.

Chris and I got married 6 years ago and moved to Spokane, WA. He was in grad school and I coached college lacrosse. We had a plan to have babies in five years or so. If we were living by our plan I’d be pregnant right now with our first baby! Instead our third baby is two and a half almost. There are times I wonder why God gave us three kids so early in our marriage (when we were using birth control to NOT get pregnant for at least the last two pregnancies!) when we had no money and were so far away from home. Since we got married we’ve been playing catch up and have always been behind financially. Because feeding+clothing three kids AND dealing with medical bills for a family of five is expensive! And we just never had a moment to ourselves to both be working full time making REAL money to put aside and save for when we finally decided to have babies.  But I trust entirely that God has a plan for us and for the first time ever I feel like we can breath. That we’re taking the break we need to catch up and MOVE AHEAD. Get some savings under us, have a safety net, work towards being debt free. And it feels awesome.

SO how is it living with my in-laws?

One of the biggest blessings we’ve experienced. And a huge adventure.

And for now, our new normal.

5 thoughts on “anyone wondering how it is living with my in-laws?

  1. SO pleased to hear that it’s going well! Stay on the gazelle path! It snowballs so quickly!!

    P.S…. I thought of you today, drove down to Kirkwood to check out (and give my bessing of sorts) on the house my sister put an offer in on… you’re about the only person I know in kwd, so I always think of you when I’m through there! :D So silly! But really, don’t you feel special?

  2. That whole “new normal” thing? Best. Plan. Ever! It makes even the least possible do-able. I’m there with you.

    Gosh, I’d love another woman in the house for all those things that can/need to be done. Just another person available to read a book to the kids would be a blessing. And there’s none of the “sister wives” thing! Double bonus!

  3. So happy for you all. Everyone will adjust and things will continue down the path towards your new home together. Thank God for family!

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