because someday it will get easier. and i want to remember this clearly.


2:30am C’s alarm went off over and over for no reason.

4am Gray woke up and came into our bed for 30 minutes

5:45am everyone was awake (we made them stay in bed)

7am picking church clothes for the kids, chris doing breakfast

7:15am shower, get dressed, change poopy diaper, get kids dressed, put shoes on kids, do my hair, do girl’s hair, change my outfit, brush teeth, pack bags…

8:15am in car on the way to church in the rain

8:35am get girls in robes for choir, take to church, shepard Children’s Chapel, go back to church, leave early to make logo tweaks, take girls to first Sunday School class, take Gray to the nursery

10:15am Communications Committee meeting (finalize logo)

11:30am grab Taco Bell and head to Lockwood house, eat, watch Project Runway while packing 8 boxes, pack random things we need (food, shoes, etc.)

12:30pm Kim arrives, we set up for newborn session

1:30pm twin newborn session (until 6pm) and pack the studio

6:15pm load car

7pm get fountain soda and head to Allen’s

7:15pm read stories to kids, do Parker’s medicine, tuck kids in

7:45pm unpack 8 boxes, put laundry away, start a load of laundry, put food away, clear bed, eat dinner

9pm upload images from Saturday’s shoot, answer emails, watch Brothers and Sisters premiere

10pm blog

and after that I will edit a few images for the Fresh Art blog, change the laundry and head to bed… but that might not be for a couple of hours!

To say this has been a long day is an understatement. And yesterday was long and so was the day before that.

But someday the kids will be gone and we won’t each be working two jobs and we’ll be sitting together, staring at each other and wondering what in the hell we’re going to do with our day! I just hope I can enjoy that a little… just as much as I enjoy these crazy hectic filled-to-the-gills days we have now!

Because crazy or not, I kinda love my life.

ps… isn’t Sunday supposed to be the day of REST?

One thought on “because someday it will get easier. and i want to remember this clearly.

  1. gah! How do you do it all??
    You have to be cut from a certain kind of cloth to handle that; Glad you love your life!! I don’t know if I could handle it, but I suppose you never know unless you find yourself walking in someone else’s shoes.
    Keep relying on that minute-by-minute strength and inspiration; sounds like you already do.
    Love the pictures of you guys, below.:)

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