my first video blog. and it kinda stinks.

Last night I had no idea what to blog so I thought I’d do a video blog since we’re doing them HERE and having fun! But then, well, I became obsessed with my FAT FACE and everything I was going to talk about flew straight out the window! And then I decided to just not post anything except that today I’m still obsessed with the question…

Is there a difference between being a chubby mom and just being plain FAT?

Because I’ve been considering myself lately not REALLY fat just a cute chubby mom and then looking at my huge face in the computer last night had me thinking, “no, I’m not chubby, I’m just a big old fatty who’s kidding herself!” Anyway. Even though I don’t want to post it I’m going to b/c maybe some of you have wondered the same thing and can give me some advice or answers or something! Or maybe just bring me a donut! HA!

8 thoughts on “my first video blog. and it kinda stinks.

  1. I think you are beautiful! And too hard on yourself. Do you realize how much you are accomplishing wiith your life? I would be so proud to do half of what you do. You do more in one day than three average people combined. You are remarkable. Be kind to your sweet self.

  2. I agree with Christie. You are amazing, and WAY too hard on yourself! =) And you crack me up, every day.
    PS. Loving the video blog idea. Keep this going!

  3. First it is so weird to hear your voice after just reading your blog! But now I can read with YOUR voice in my head :) I don’t know you in person, but i think you are awesome too! You have so much going on i have no idea how you do it. I feel like you do a lot. I think I’m doing good and then I see myself in those floor to ceiling mirrors at the gym. YUCK! I keep telling myself–I don’t want to look back and all I can remember is not being happy with myself. So I do what I can and it has to be good enough for now. I did discover a fun new class at my gym called Body and Soul. It’s a regular aerobics class but it uses music from Mandisa, Toby Mac, David Crowder, other Christian artists. I actually look forward to it. How crazy is that!

  4. Don’t be so hard on yourself! You are an amazing photographer & mom!! I have been a blog reader for awhile and am amazed at all you have accomplished!! And seriously, is anyone ever happy with the way they look? Nooooo!! After I had my 3rd baby I started weight watchers and actually enjoy it (crazy, right?) I mean, I knew to lose the weight I had to eat less and move more. But WW is easy because I know exactly how much I need to eat to lose weight. And I exercise when I can (I mean, with 3 little ones I only have a little “spare” time). It is not hard, not some crazy “diet” and actually works! And I love a Coca~Cola…but I discovered Coke Zero and that’s my caffeine of choice now ;) Don’t know if they make a Mtn. Dew zero or something like that!?

  5. you know… i would hazard to say, there aint too many people that the camera thingy on the computer does wonderful things for … does anyone, other than a supermodel, look good on those things? life’s too short ….

  6. I totally hear you…I had those 3 kids in 3 years and I totally do that “push the fat back from my chin while I’m talking move”. I hate fat on my face worse than anywhere else :P I got my license renewed after 7? years a few days ago…It was not happy to compare the prebaby, skinny in love face with the still-in-love but three babies and exhausted later :)

    I drink DDP (Diet Dr Pepper) as y drug of choice, but eat like it’s my mission when I feel any emotion (sad, happy, angry, guilty…you name it, I eat). Could someone please just come up with a pill? (Seriously…with all the drug company layoffs…a simple effective, safe diet pill would solve ALL their problems)

    Anyway, from this side of the computer, you don’t look fat…you look frustrated. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile…encouraged by your honesty and totally impressed and inspired by your work. Maybe we can shed our chins together??

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