slow is different for everyone right?

Today I only said “hurry-up” twice and both times I said, “WE need to hurry-up guys!” so I wasn’t actually aiming those words at any one person, myself included! Not sure that matters but it sounded nicer coming out of my mouth.

And it really surprised me how HARD I had to think about my day and how DELIBERATE I had to make my slowing down. It was like stopping to think about how to drive. Insert key into ignition, turn key clockwise, put foot on brake, put car into drive, slowly release foot from brake…. get it? Unintentionally I am a fast mover. My Mother-in-law describes herself the same way and I like how she describes it by saying she does everything with urgency. That’s how I am. I’m urgent.

What’s funny is that in my urgency I move too quickly most times. Coming up with a GREAT idea, wanting to move NOW NOW NOW to get it in motion and then when something inevitably slows it down I lose focus and move on to the next greatest thing. Just a random tidbit about me! HA!

Anyway, so today I slowed myself down very deliberately and yet it was still an incredibly busy day.

First I’m going to tell you my day and then I’m going to tell you the TINY and seemingly MINUTE ways I slowed it down b/c otherwise you might not notice!

Up at 5:50am with Gray, 6am Bailey, C gone at 6:15am and Parker up at 6:30am. Juice and snacks for kids, me in the shower. Dressed and feeding kids breakfast at 7:15am. Kids dressed, lunch packed, backpacks packed and out the door by 7:30am. Drop Gray off at Terri’s house (our soon-t0-be home!) at 7:50am. Head straight across town to Bailey’s school and drop her at 8:20am. Let PJ play on the playground while we wait to take her at 8:45am to preschool. Grab an icetea at QT and in the KCCI office by 9:10am. Work until 2:45pm when I go pick up Bailey. Pick up the other two at 3:30pm. Hit the grocery store at 4:15pm. Head for home at 5pm. Drop girls off at my parent’s who feed them dinner and take them to choir. Head home to unload groceries, feed Gray, put groceries away, clean kitchen, bathe Gray and get him in bed at 6:45pm. Girls arrive home at 6:55pm. Get them showered, jammies on and in bed at 7:30pm. Start working on Fresh Art and here we are at my 9:30pm break with at least 3 hours left to go.

It was a BUSY day.

But everyday is. And there is NOTHING in there I can get rid of. It’s the normal start of day, work day, end of day things that happen when mom works outside the home. But today, with the mindset that I was going to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN there were tiny little mini victories.

1. I let the girls pick out their own clothes

2. I didn’t rush breakfast

3. I sat and waited while Parker successfully buckled her own seat belt

4. I turned the radio off and hid my cell in the car so I could talk to and sing with the kids.

5. I went into Bail’s classroom so she could show me the new gerbils

6. I pushed PJ on the swings and chased her on the playground while we waited for her school to start

7. I walked her into her classroom and chatted with the teachers instead of flying in and out

8. I let Bailey play on the playground for 20 minutes with a friend after school and I didn’t have my phone in my hand so I talked to another parent

9. I kept the radio off so Bailey could tell me ALL about her day at school

10. I didn’t yell once at the grocery store and instead let them help me more with picking food out and putting it in the cart

11. I never once rushed the getting in car routine (that I hate)

12. When it was just Gray and I, I played with him in the tub, tickled him getting his jammies on (usually I am SO fast I don’t play) and played “bat/ball” for 20 minutes before bed

What I realized today is that we ARE busy. Chris and I both are working two jobs (I count teaching and coaching separate), our kids are in three different places and all have to be there within minutes of each other in the morning and right now we’re moving. I have to give myself some slack. But just doing those tiny things made the day SO much less stressful and sitting here now, nearing the end of the day, I feel good about the time I gave the kids even though it was just minutes today with all we had going on. Because in those spare minutes we had fun and I never yelled once! And they were great!

Slowing down is a process and I feel like I took one big step in the right direction today! GO ME! HA!

6 thoughts on “slow is different for everyone right?

  1. i’ve been thinking about these things, too… reading an extra story at bedtime, letting the girls ‘brush’ their own hair, waiting while my 4 year old struggles with putting her socks on (badly). these are all hurry up moments for me, as are many of the ones you listed! i enjoy my time with them so much more when i’m not rushing- thanks for sharing your slow down moments. i’m going to try some of those today!

  2. hooray for you! I think tiny victories are way underrated. And the little things are a lot easier to maintain as part of your lifestyle. Good for you!

    ps. I have to tell you that you are responsible for starting me on a pita chip addiction since I came to shoot with you last month. Seriously they are soooo good. The only drawback is that it sounds like I am chewing gravel all day. I eat them all the time. I know it is a problem because I just had some with my coffee. pitas dont go with coffee.

  3. YEAH! Jod- you are amazing. Here I thought I was productive today because Max got a bath and I made dinner.

  4. Yup. Tears came to my eyes as I read yesterday’s post (I’m three days late reading that ’cause I’m so busy, too). That is exactly where I have been, too, and this past weekend I had the crying-session-that-broke-the-camel’s-back. I told Gil I’m at my whit’s end and I feel that I am losing my boys’ childhood b/c I am too busy to play with them. Too busy to read a book. Too busy to paint, craft, run, play. Just plain be a GOOD MOM, for crying out loud. Something had to give, and we made the difficult decision to let the business go right now – indefinitely. Yowza. My photography has been a significant part of my life for over 20 years, so giving it up is like a death. We aren’t taking any new clients but I am finishing up with those who we had already committed to, so probably through the end of the year. BUT – I felt soooo much lighter on Monday knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the day is coming that I won’t be pulled in a gazillion different directions. My kids need that. My husband needs that. And I need that. Don’t know what can “give” in your life right now, but sure hoping that you find the time you need to slow down. Lots of love!

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