alright people. let’s start crafting.

I can’t believe I actually got this done today. And truly, it was only b/c I wanted to blog it b/c I think it’s the cutest idea! So now I’m crafting for the blog. Nice.

The pressure! The pressure to blog! What in the world.


I saw this in Family Fun Magazine (I think) and I just loved the idea of crafting for myself and not just for my kids. Because this is NOT a toddler friendly craft. Unless you like your kids to play with deadly weapons. Which I’m not against, completely, if they beg and whine and argue me on no soda for long enough that it sucks all sense out of me and replaces it with an urge to have them all just SHUT UP. In that case, yes children, cut away with my super sharp and tiny knife. In fact, i have THREE so go to it and STOP TALKING TO ME.

Luckily today, although on day six of NO caffeine or soda, I was feeling ok and resisted the urge to let them cut with me. They jumped on the trampoline and I crafted. For five minutes. And those five minutes were glorious. Until I finished and got to go for a run BY MYSELF… because although the hills in this neighborhood want me crying for mercy the 30 minutes all ALONE are worth every sweat drip. Not to mention I’ve lost EIGHT POUNDS in the last two weeks! GO ME!

Sorry. Crafting.

Basically, all I did was collect some pretty leaves and then used an exacto knife to cut a jack-o-lantern face. The leaf was super easy to cut but I did tear the first one I tried so if you do this, go SLOW.

Then I cut the edges of the leaf off so it KIND OF looked like a pumpkin (I used scissors for this). I say KIND OF because it also KIND OF looks like an apple doesn’t it? Whatevs.

Then I just glued it onto a piece of scrapbook paper so it wouldn’t be so fragile.

SUPER simple!

But are you wondering what in the world to do with it now? I’m going to use them for the tags on the girl’s teacher gifts I think! You can tie the stem onto any little gift which I think would be so cute!

I was sitting outside next to the trampoline while Gray and Parker jumped and since they were still happy I took the idea one step further…

But you’ll have to wait a day or so to see what I do with these! HA!

And just to end with one more cute face…

Gray came with my mom and I today to the local pumpkin patch (at a church) to pick up pumpkins to give to KCCI clients (SUCH a great idea I think!) and I grabbed just one photo of him. So glad it was in focus!

One more show to watch and am hoping to get the rest of my to-do list done before crashing into bed! My MIL treated me to a great dinner tonight, my dad took Bails to soccer AND Terri watched P&G so I could go for a run! A quick shower with the two littles under my feet, dinner, CHERRY PIE (which kills the run but whatever!) and good tv+chatting away with Terri while we watch… a near perfect evening! We have the BEST parents in the entire world!

4 thoughts on “alright people. let’s start crafting.

  1. OH MY GOODNESS…SUPER super SUPER cute! I love them!

    …and holy skinny chicken girl…8 puonds, that’s amazing! What is more amazing? SIX days without coffee or soda? Seriously? I’m inspired…on two counts…you go girl…

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