dear lyndsay.

I failed.

I’m back on the Dew.

Just like Chris predicted.

But see, here’s the thing.

I don’t sleep enough and I work super late at night. I hate coffee or tea (can stand iced tea but not all day+night). I hate hot drinks. There is nothing else I can do to get my caffeine.

So I made it 10 days with NO soda at all.

Then a whole crapload of stuff hit the fan and I started cheating with a Dr. Pepper here or a Coke there.

It’s like bumming a drag.

But then I caved one night, late, and ordered a soda.

And then I caved the next day and stopped at my favorite gas station.

And now I’m right back to 1-3 a day.

And I KNOW it’s shoe polish with a whole load of other crap I shouldn’t be putting in my body. And I THOUGHT I could handle no caffeine but DUDE i so can NOT handle it.

I need it to survive still.

I have no will power.

I suck.

I’m sorry.

The end.


If you have NO idea what I’m talking about read THIS. If you don’t know who my friend Lyndsay is go HERE.

11 thoughts on “dear lyndsay.

  1. hang in there. Just try and do one a day. Make it special, or some type of ritual. you made it ten days, that is a lot. at least you are running!!

  2. burning a caffeine addiction takes more than 10 days! I say try again! I am currently working on kicking my habit–getting migraine headaches all the time! I was sucking down about 800mg of caffeine a day. If I drink it, I feel horrible. If I don’t drink it, I feel horrible. I’m down to 1 cup of coffee a day now, but I just need to get rid of all of it! Will Power–Why do you run from me?

  3. I’m so with you – I’ve been without Mt. Dew for 7 days now, but I think my Coke intake has increased…ugh. Try drinking a smaller size, maybe? Maybe not…

  4. Life is full of vices. I say piack your poison.

    The upside is knowing what it is makes gift giving easier!

  5. Thankyou for the lovely email! I can’t seem to reply for some reason?! You are too sweet! Anyway, come to England!! We don’t have Mountain Dew here! A great excuse! LOL. Lyndsay’s comment summed it up perfectly. Hang in there! :)

  6. you are better than me, at least you attempted to give it up….every time we drive by a Circle K my kids ask me if I want to get a Polar Pop- that is my crack, a HUGE soda for 73 cents in a Styrofoam cup so it stays cold all day.
    I am killing the environment and my health in one quick swoop.

  7. NOT suggesting this long-term, but you could use NoDoz or Vivarin or something. I keep them in the van in case I get sleepy while driving. Also, have your doctor check your thyroid levels. You’re likely exhausted just from lack of sleep and your schedule, but low thyroid levels can cause exhaustion as well (note: you can be in the normal range and still have subclinical hypothyroidism).

  8. hang in there my dear friend…who i miss loads! hang in there! reading this post made me smile like the first time i found your blog…you are real, and YOUR life is art.

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